Worst personal offer in the game))

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Haha, I agree!

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These “offers” are for the maths enthusiasts among us.

You can pay 175 GE for a really COOL tank but we want you to spent another 174 GE on things you really need!
All in all, we can then get 99 GE more out of you than if you buy the tank on your own.

And of course there is the obligatory time pressure so that you are not tempted to check whether this is a good offer.


The snail-conspiracy?


I have never read an entire “personal offer” passed looking for the X to close it.


Klaus Schwab?

Even worse but its impossible to explain because just thinking about it drive men insane as its impossible for human mind to decipher the cyclical dance of cosmic horror that unfolds within its darkened corridors.

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