WORST battle rating change EVER

How the hell can VEAK40 get that low tier without HEVT?
WHY NOT nerf hull armor of the itopsv and remove DM23,Then let this sucker go to 7.7?
VEAK40 can stay at 8.7/9.0 with HEVT, anti air efficency is far more better than god damn itopsv
292 go to 10.3 instead of 10.7 is also funny


“historical accuracy” which is a very funny argument when radar SPAA loses lock very easily and SAMs have been nerfed to “realistic” controls, but planes can still pull 1.5x as hard as they could historically without ripping their wings


ITOPSV is not the proper one to stay at 8.7 with A Scheisse radar which even cant achieve a stable lock to Aircrafts
I know someone will definitely stand out and shout"yeah but ITOPSV is good at ground attack and has a Leo2 hull which is hard to crack and a good speeeeed"
Excuse me,When the best way to use a SPAA is to “Ground Attack”,Basically means it sucks at its own work

The HE-VT round isn’t a HE-VT round, it’s just a HE round with a simple tracer. That’s why it’s being removed and why the SPAA is going to 7.7 to compensate.

You also can’t just change armor stats for the same reason, they must match reality to the best you can.

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CAS not dominating enough, lets nerf the few things that are actually capable of dealing with them.

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Better change the name of VEAK40 to WEAK40

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No need to move the Leopard Marksman down, all they need to do is add the actual ItPsv 90, a T-55AM hull with no composite armor and a Marksman turret on top. The version we have in game is the replacements they created when they retired the T-55AM hulls, which was never called the ItPsv 90 as far as I can tell, instead being called the ItPsv Leopard 2.

The actual ItPsv 90 would be much slower and less armored than the current one. Remove the APDS belts and slap it at 8.0, problem solved, a perfect SPAA candidate without having to murder one of the only two anti-guided weaponry gun based SPAAs in the entire game.

Cause APDS isn’t why ITOPSV is 8.7.
It’s the speed and hull armor.
Everyone raves about BVM’s hull armor after all.

Before that it was 8.3, same as the British Marksman.

Why would it be lower than all the other twin 35mm SPAAs?

That will be much better.
But Gaijin,Or Bvvd,As always
Nether realistic nor historical

Thats an anology.
itpsv cant do SPAA’s job better than “WEAK 40” because of its scheisse radar and lack AHEAD rounds.
And the spacing of 2 guns are just enormous
Instead of putting WEAK40 to 7.7 they can just put out a T55-based SPAA with twin 35 and throw to 8.0
Thats more historical than a Leo2 chassis