World War Mode should be a real-time strategy-like game based on Enduring Confrontation

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My idea of World War is an integrated land, sea and air battlefield.
This battlefield will involve land and air, and if there is a sea or a large lake, boats.

The Enduring Confrontation map begins in this state.
World War also starts in this situation, with players in command of both the blue and red teams.

The commander of each camp then arranges supply units to the borderline or directs attack forces to enemy supply units.

The player then spawns with tanks, aircraft, and ships based on the commander’s instructions.

The spawn positions of the player units will be separate at that time.
・Airplanes are airfields.
・Tanks and anti-aircraft guns are near supply units.
・They also spawn in attack and defense battle areas that occur on the ground to assist in operations.
・The navy constantly engages in coastal offensives by covering ground troops from the sea and other waterways with its guns and by securing enemy ports.
・At this time, it is desirable for the player to be able to control submarines and aircraft carriers.

The commander creates the space for the above-mentioned player units to operate and lead his army to victory on the battlefield.
What the commander can do.
・Depart supply units to the front line from the map’s driveable locations.
・Departing troops to set up a small base as a relay point for supply troops.
・Give instructions to build a small base.
・When supply units arrive at the front line, they direct the attack operation to take the area and expand the territory.
・Arrange supply ships for ports and coastal areas.
・Arrange for NPCs to prevent supply units and supply fleets from being destroyed and encourage friendly players to join player units.
・The side that does the above and gains 80% to 90% of the map’s territory wins. This is the goal of the commander.

Attached are screenshots of some Enduring Confrontation maps.
On this Enduring Confrontation map, tanks invade the front lines, naval forces engage in heavy fire and cover ground troops on the water, and aircraft defend and attack both sides.
Become the commander of the battlefield and lead your army to victory.

Now World War Mode is a game that can be won by someone who knows how the game works, with combat reservations stacked against them, and by playing cunningly.

Wouldn’t it be very fun to have a real-time strategy game based on Enduring Confrontation mode?

There is also a game that was the original inspiration for this proposed game mode.
One of it is the Battle Station Pacific competitive mode.
The other was a game called Gundam Online which had been serviced in Japan.
In particular, Gundam Online has 51 vs. 51, with 50 units on each side, but there are dedicated commanders on both sides.
I look forward to a battlefield where such a commander is present.

スクリーンショット 2021-07-08 215715


スクリーンショット 2024-01-02 003649

スクリーンショット 2024-01-12 233035
スクリーンショット 2021-07-11 232133

スクリーンショット 2021-07-11 233141


Word War Mode should take notes from “Heroes & Generals”.
A real-time strategy mode where battles are decided by played battles.


Why there’s only one option? Dude dont behave like a dictator XD


Sorry. I haven’t yet been able to set up the Poll voting process properly.
So this is a Poll to see if you are interested.
Once you learn how to Poll in general, you can change it.

But all your replies are not to the content of the topic but to Poll’s accusations.
So I will report you.

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I think something like events with weekly resets would be cool. Maybe they could do a couple different varieties with different reset intervals.

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This is the truly problematic bit. Naval guns annihilate land vehicles that have little hope of fighting back. It would be much worse than CAS, and you see how many arguments that generates, and RB is an established mode, rather than one trying to woo a playerbase.

Dying to stuff out of your control isn’t fun.

Always remember the human element of matchmaking. Ask yourself how players would try to minmax, break, or abuse this system.

In principle I like the idea, but it needs more details than this. IMHO the best thing you can do is find a bunch of players, organise custom battles (you may need to use the CDK to get access to EC maps, but there is also one available on WTLive) and conduct some playtesting. Tinker with the set up. Try it at different BRs. Record your findings and upload them where people can see it.

If it works, the players will come. If the players come, Gaijin will follow.

You aren’t allowed to make a suggestion without a No option.

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i dont think its a good idea to add the RTS as WW mode, there’s not competitive with other RTS only games, and i think most of the WT players open the WT because they just want to fight in vehicles but not in front of the map

Yeah, when I saw they added ships back in the day, I was so hype!

I really hoped they would combine every branch, add player controlled carriers and submarines!

But meh… Probaly not in our lifetime brother.