Wonder why people one death leave

I lived 21 seconds from spawning, first someone tried bombing me, saved by the spawn protecting, soon after strafed by a second aircraft. Something aint right


You’d have to not have join in progress disabled, and have the game on a HDD rather than SSD.

I spawn 3 times but 2nd and 3rd spawns are rarely above 30 sec life. There is no real reason to spawn more then once.


this sounds more like your entire team did said “1 death leaving” and you got overrun…

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You are making alot of assumptions

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If you spawn and get bombed within 21 seconds then you either joined late because you have “join in progress” enabled OR you loaded very late because your storage device is loading the map late, or your connection.

Sounds like pretty accurate assumption to me.

No it was my third spawn, the hint is in the title

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No mention of a third spawn.


" Wonder why people one death leave"

no mention of 3rd spawn.

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This is a weird discussion and nothing to do with the topic lol

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no it isnt, i stated the possible issues you may be having based upon the title of the thread and your first comment.

You brought us down this current route.


I will say the scenario described is basically an opportunity to get a couple free airkills. Which is the best tool to drain SP and turn the game around.

I appreciate your opportunisme and you are probably right, just can’t shake the feeling those planes got it easy

More like get 1000 kg bomb on spawn. One death leavers arent common in br i play.

You could always spawn in spaa before it’s too late.
Anticipate inbound enemy air before you spawn again after your first death.
You can eliminate a few aircraft to prevent them getting air dominance early.

Many people either dont spawn spaa at all OR people dont spawn in them until it’s too late.

Everyone just hopes someone else will do what is needed or just straight up ignores what they already know - i.e - knowing aircraft will likely be coming soon because it always happens but still spawning in another tank after your 1st death.

I dont mean YOU personally, I just mean if at least 1 person did this every match, things would be different.

Right this is the discussion i wanted, thank you. These are good tips but again, when i want to take down enemy planes in ground RB, i hop into my own plane, it might just be me, but conventional spaa’s are boring. I think many people feel this way, I usually see a lot more planes than spaas when I play, so I dont think I am alone with my sentiment about spaas

Thats fine, that is your choice and not a bad one.

I do this myself sometimes, I sometimes spawn spaa instead but I ALWAYS have an spaa in my lineup, no excuses.

If at least 1 person spawned in spaa after 1st death in anticipation of inbound enemy air, things would be alot different regarding air and cas etc, there are solutions, much like using your aircraft as a solution.

In short, the only solution I see (one that I often use and works), is to anticipate inbound and spawn spaa early or get in an aircraft myself.

Spawning late spaa is also fine and needed, but a pre-emptive air defence is so effective.

But like everything, it requires group effort and common thinking for the benefit of not only ourselves but also our team. Which we know alot of people do not have.

All you can do is keep assessing the situation and applying the best solution you can think of and pre-emptively.
Sounds like you are doing exactly that, just take the rough with the smooth and always be looking for more solutions.

Here is the real method:

Apply the above methods - But do so in a squad, preferably in discord together, so essentially join a social squadron.
My squadron do this, We tell each other to spawn spaa after 1st death if needed while the rest of us stay in tanks, or one can get in the air etc etc, depends what the match needs at any given time, communications is sooo important and reaps the rewards.
We squad mark for enemy locations for artillery or bombs etc, we cover each other if one is in air and 1 in spaa.
Works a treat.
“4 enemy air inbound from North”
“requesting mark for bombs”
“bomb drop marked”
“drop arty on mark”
“i have enemy on my 6, coming to you”
“lots of air inbound, someone spawn spaa on next death”

If you try to spawn back in for a second/third time and the enemy team has planes up you will just get spawncamped by a CAS aircraft. It’s not worth the death/SL so you’re better of just leaving.


spawn spaa, use spawn protection and shoot down those pesky aircraft.

Spaa is cheap anyway, the potential for gain heavily outweighs the potential loss.

Nah not worth my time. First of I’m in GRB to play tanks not SPAA. Second I’ll only get like 150 points per aircraft and after the CAS mains have left and only TO players remain I have nothing to do for the rest of the game.