Won 3 discount coupons for the Boomerang Mk 1 at the same day, coincidence?

I think not…
Screenshot 2023-07-28 103359

If you put them together you get them for free


That would be really cool if it worked

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Indeed, it is just random.

I suggest using the 50% discount.

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Though once you buy the mk 1 you have to buy the mk 2, rude not to have both.

I think they removed the Mk 2.

Really? That was the one they finally added bombs to. I know it was locked behind a mk1 purchase but didn’t realise they removed it from sale.

Yeah, I just checked it was after the 9th anniversary sale. Then it was available for a few days for an Australia mini event.

did you get it for free?

They don’t stack unfortunately.


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I have never used anything below 50%, but almost every time I have gotten a 50% or 75% I bought the vehicle . . . “never pay retail” . . . lol. I have most premiums below the high tier stuff already, so I do not get many discounts . . used to never get them until they added the high end premiums . . .lol. But now I get a 5% now & then and that will never motivate me to buy anything . . . not that I am cheap or anything, spent a good deal on this game because I like it very much, but being old & retired is not all it’s cracked up to be . . . lol

From my pov in times of big data it is quite obvious that certain player behavior triggers such “small hints” in various ways.

Can happen with spamming out talismans too. Some time ago i received 4!!! talismans for rank 3/4 Italian planes in one week - and on top a 1 mlm SL crate. A few months later i got 4 talismans for sweden too. Currently i got spammed with tank discounts, maybe they want to support tanks the last weeks…

Tried the plane, didn’t like it. Too slow for my BR preference.

In this case, I would say “Random™” What are the chances of 3 same discount coupon for the all tanks, one in a billion? I didn’t even touch most nations and I proceed until 6.7 at my best nation.

Not a clue, but I can’t imagine anything else is going on. Especially since multiples are pointless.

It was a nifty little thing years ago (maneuverable) but they updated its flight model a while back and definitely isn’t great.

Someone told me that random gains from same nation or even same plane is used to nudge me into buying that plane and spend more time in the game. And it worked! I bought Boomerang Mk 1 to build a ground RB CAS options in my last 2 premium days.

But it flies like a brick though.

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Well after 6000 hours I’ve yet to get that nudge from Gaijin. And since once/twice a year ALL Premiums (not including since previous major update) get the 50% discount, making patience rewarding, in hindsight the 50% ones are just guff. 75%+, including the insane 95% discount, coupons are in reality the only ones to feel tempted by.

And yep, the remodel turned a fun plane into the proverbial brick.