With chaff/flare possibly going separate, will we see chaff pods come into the game?

So I don’t know if the next update this is coming but, at some point I think they plan on adding in the ability to use flares/chaff independently.

With this, will we actually see aircraft carry chaff pods?

For instance the British Jags could carry chaff pods - and fun fact these are in the game already and looked like they were going to be added. But apparently they crashed the dev server and gaijin just got lazy and never added them - so maybe now is the time?

The T2 could also carry chaff pods - which is could receive.

Now in the world of all aspect IR missiles at too low of a BR I dont know how helpful this would be, however it would be nice to at least have chaff. This gives some aircraft the option of flying high and defeating radar missiles.


Well the A32A does have chaff pods in game right now, though they’re not very useful given its low level attacker role. AFAIK that hasn’t caused any problems so I don’t know why other planes haven’t been getting chaff pods too.

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f105 only gets chaff pods

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Idk why they just didnt finish the Jags chaff pods.