And now we wait for the sugardaddies to arrive in my DM’s

How do you like the new feature fellas?


you wish


Unsure if it was a good addition

I don’t know why they would add a wish list, I though you could buy SL and GE vehicles for others too, would be much better in a certain way.

I think it feeds the snail’s interest. The more people use the wish list, the more you know what people want and what you can make nice and expensive.


Someone check the game code for the wishlist

A nice addition to the game. The programmers have to be kept busy somehow. Otherwise there’s nothing for them to do and they’d have to be fired…

So people can send it to their sugar daddies and get free vehicles

I think it’s a really neat feature, but I hate that others can only see pack vehicles you put on there. I wish others could buy you GE or market vehicles.

Wait, I can add them but no one will be able to buy them for me? That’s sad 😔

Sadly. Others can only see pack premiums.

*insert cry emoji here


My computer won’t let me

Cool feature but wish those battle trophy and offers would give you discounts mostly for your wishlisted vehicles not some random low br crap that i would never want to buy.

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Yeah, kinda weird that your friends can’t buy you silver vehicles either. Seems a bit sus tbh.

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It’s not suspicious. It’s Gaijin wanting to limit what friends can do, especially with the market because not allowing trading between friends forces vehicles onto the market.

Kinda is though, I can buy thousands of euros worth of vehicles for my friends, but I can’t use the ingame currency to buy their TT vehicles that they already researched?

Limiting the ways to use a somewhat good idea like this, is Gaijins trademark.

The thing I dislike the most is not allowing the purchasing of market vehicles.

Oh what, really? That isn’t even an option? Oh man…

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