Wish Gaijin just stop thinking about Naval battle

Yes. Don’t try to improve. Just don’t think anything about tempo and damage model of War Thunder Naval and put it before unrepairable breach and sharpnel increase. Whatever Gaijin tries to ‘improve’ Naval, they just came out terrible end which loses both characteristic of War Thunder Naval and pleasant of player.

Start of unrepairable breach, what makes me annoying is that actually they know to make more historical and player-pleasant. While most of ships have their entire hull as breach creating area(even high above the waterline), Marat and Kommuna has much more historical breach creating area, very near around and under the waterline. Then, they just give up making such historical breach model because of laziness.

And this update, Alpha strike, become Alpha ruin of naval. Armor become useless, survivability means nothing. Why making cruiser and battleship when 30 mm autocannon can shred it if given enough time? At first I thought it is problem of Japanese battleships which were kind of glass cannon, now I found out even Scharnhorsts and Mississipi’s blow out with 152 mm shell because too many sharpnel created and hull DM got weird.

I’m huge supporter of War Thunder Naval up against World of Warships while I’m playing both games. Now I have to consider WOWs better. At least in WOWs there are meaning of tanking through armor. War Thunder Naval does not. What Gaijin thinks they could ‘improve’ game always makes game worse. It’s maybe the time we went back to DM of New Power and just adding new map and new ship, not touching the DM.


This update wasn’t meant as an improvement but as fix for wrongly modeled shell fragmentation my guess the just forgot to account for damage increase with fix or something similar to that.


They destroyed the whole significance of the naval mode
They need to roll back the damage model. Also unrepairable flooding, too


Yes, the current DD starts to leak and cannot be repaired after being hit by a few rounds of grenades, so that either they pray that the opponent did not hit them, or they can only be hit and stopped in place as targets.


The attempt was good, but the result was bad


My biggest frustration with all this is that they implemented a big change that breaks the game while not even bothering to fix much more simpler and necessary problems.

For instance, most of the damage reward goes to whoever takes the kill. This is extremely frustrating to many because you can spend 5 minutes dealing damage to a ship to knock the crew down to 1% crew and if a player or even a bot just happens to kill that last 1% crew, you miss out on a lot of damage. Making the damage/kill rewards more fair would go a long way to making naval better.

Simpler changes like these will improve the naval experience without reworking everything. Doing a major overhaul of the damage model is not only a risky move, but having it this buggy in the current implementation (they said that overall damage will not change) tells me that they didn’t really test this change thoroughly.


and just in time for the naval event…
Its not only the damage reward but also you get no assist if the ship is sunk a given time after you damaged it. They say - ok but you have the damage reward but thats not true. It also seems that you get much more damage reward for killing a coastal vessel as for e.g. a destroyer (both undamaged before)

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So it wasn’t just me that thought everything is exploding left and right…

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It’s really remarkable how they manage to destroy naval gameplay so much.

Again, naval was funny and relaxing, but they decided to make it another CoD reskin where everyone run around (or stay still, it depends) and shred everything.

please, roll back the damage model ASAP. other features are ok.


From what people who play other game modes tell me, this update has more bugs than a Bethesda game.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this absurd damage is yet another bug.


DDs can be obliterated now in one/two cruiser salvoes LMAO.

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Before this patch, dealing with the overperforming ships like Atlanta and Scharnhorst was frustrating, and cruisers were almost powerless against BBs. Now I’ve detonated multiple Scharnhorsts with even 6in HE and Atlantas and their ilk pop almost as quickly as they butcher everything and everyone in their sights. Hell, watched a Roanoke single-handedly crew-kill a Mississipi 100-to-0 in roughly 2 minutes…all BBs explode like good old SHOTI Knoxfets used to and it’s just not fun to play. The traffic jams from all the carcasses are also worse than most of us have ever experienced before.

If you want a conspiracy theory, consider that hits give a lot of score - short Time To Kill means less hits before your target is dead and thus less score, and this is introduced alongside the naval portion of this permanent event hell-ride…coincidence? :P

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But why are BB’s ingame? Even boat gameplay is slower paced than BBs. All you need is a jap BB with high yield HE or SAP and you can do 9-10 kill matches obviosly. What ever gets hit by a HE salvo gets detonated or loses 1/3 of its crew. Either way…its like stupid now.

Edit: just lost another BB after 1 min and 43 second gametime. The first salvo which connects, kills.

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You have to give it to them. Not only did they come up with a useless and uninspiring prize for the naval event, they made also 100% sure that playing naval is no fun.

I just deleted my event progress counter. I am not going to bother about naval any more…

What on earth did they do???

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Potential armour bugs aside, I’m really enjoying the shell rework. I just played a couple matches (all I’ve had time for so far) in Hatsuharu and Nenohi, and man, it’s so nice being able to actually black out modules when you land shots.

I’m sure there are some issues with armour gaps and similar at higher BRs that need to be refined, but I’m actually really enjoying Naval not being a constant fight between 7 second reloads and 10 second repair times, as it were. Things actually stay broken for a useful amount of time when you hit them now, first shots on target matter much more, and as in any game a fast TTK means it’s inherently easier for one player to engage multiple targets at once or in quick succession.

Potential bugs/etc aside, I at least want to at least try out the new system for a while longer (more than one day, people) with a variety of ships and ship types.

That is due to the repair bug. Once a module is taken out, you cant repair it. If you repair it, the module instantly takes damage until it is broken again.

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Partially that, partially HE/explosions simply being more effective now. It’s so much nicer when you don’t have to “rekill” the same module you just dumped rounds into one or two salvos later. While bugs should always be fixed, I’d really like if repair times weren’t only barely longer (or faster, with larger ships) than reload times.

At destroyer BRs at least, it’s been really nice being able to drop a couple salvos onto one enemy, knock out their forward guns and/or bridge, maybe knock out some engines, and then actually move on to a different target to do the same, and be able to do this without having the first target open up on you in the mean time.

I think it’s intentional. Anti-ship missiles have HE warheads, after all.

HE and SAP are just ridiculous rn. 15 rounds of 76mm from my Bussard will wipe out all crew of low tier DDs. This is not realistic and not fair for them.
Just bring back the old damage model and HE splash. Also please remove unrepairble breach(at least 130mm calib or less guns shouldnt be able to trigger this)

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I find it hard to believe that they would do such a botched job on purpose, but we are talking about Gaijin, anything is possible.

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