WIP vehicles shouldn't be added to live server before QA

If some of you have played high tier Israel, you’d know a lot of things were simply added without proper QA. But the standards have apparently gone down drastically in this last update.

As you can see below the Merkava 4, added about 2 years ago. The composite armor on the side skirts is missing. But other than that, the model seems only substandard.

Here is a Merkava 3. The armor model does not show the composite armor on the roof and hull front, as well as the side skirts. This means less QA, downgrading the model to “embarrassing”.

And here is the Namer. Added today. There were weeks to work on this thing based on feedback from players, and over 2 years since the Israeli TT released. But, you know, it’s kinda expected. As you can see, its side armor modules were removed entirely. It only has the front module and that’s it. What’s currently missing is about 80% of its total armor volume.

Bug report has been up for over 2 years:

In the bug report, it’s said the report was closed and passed to internal review to “track progress”. 8 months later, and there was only regression.
Gaijin doesn’t want bug reports because it makes it work even worse. It’s not affected by negative reviews. What will get Gaijin to hire competent devs?
Just 1 subject matter expert on Israel is needed, plus 1-2 devs. That’s it. And yet that’s too much to ask.


Apparently this post was moved to the “Israel” section even though it’s not about Israel. Just the examples are. But ok.

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No bro it clearly says “Fixed!” like can’t you read?

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Lol not surprised, afaik Chinas 96 & 99s also use wrong models / proportion, having weakspots they don’t have IRL and worse Stats as well

No idea why they aren’t just hiring more Devs if it to hard for them, they definitely don’t lack the money for it

yep HE Fixed but not APSFDS

literally, unplayable and on extra ammo in the hull when ammo box exploded. one hit KO. and Dev think this is too op to have everything and neff it.

Maybe they should use the dev server to actually fix vehicles rather than counter every complaint with ‘it’s the dev server and work in progress’.

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German heavies are also screwed ,any hit on turret and all crew there dies or wounded

I get the feeling that Gaijin QA has been slacking off lately. Can’t believe they didn’t catch the 2 countermeasure bug earlier, since it’s so common in-game, not to mention the other bugs that rid this update. And do they really believe that the Namer is supposed to be like that? Seems like some extremely poor armor for a 61-ton vehicle…

Wonder where all of that weight comes from otherwise?

I wonder how many still “acknowledged” bugs we have dating 3-4 years or more.

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