Winwing Orion2 Throttle HOTAS


I am considering swapping my Hotas Warthog throttle by a Winwing Orion2 with F15EXii Grip which does have force feedback and give me better flexibility to add a F16 Throttle too as an option without swapping the whole base evry time I fly F16 or F18.

Is anyone able to tell if the Throttle works with War Thunder and the keys and axis can be mapped?


i think you can ask it in DCS’s forum, if a warthunder player has a throttle, that he 99% play the DCS

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Don’t get F-15 throttle, get F-16 throttle. I have winwing Orion 2 joystick with both F-18 throttle and F-16 throttle.

Because F-16 throttle is the most ergonomic, with many buttons , and because it’s 1 single throttle , unlike F-15/18 throttles.

Pretty much all the buttons you need are on the joystick and throttle, you don’t ever need to take off your hands even in the most complex top tier planes.

Every button works in WT , some buttons on the BASE of the throttle require tweaking , but you have enough buttons on joystick and throttle for everything, and I can help you with them after you get it if you want.

The axis for everything can be mapped as well.

I can share with you my controls when you get it as well for winwing Orion 2 F-16 stick and throttle.

Also if you get F-16 stick don’t forget to get shake kit for F-16 , it’s like 30-40$ I İİRC but helps a lot when you need more keys when doing CAS with AGM-65 mavericks and KH-29s

Hope this helps


Hello, I bought the F16 stick with the extension (still didnt receive it).

Did you get the shaker to work with War Thunder?

Would you mind sharing your keybinding file please ? 😊(The blk one)

It would be a big help

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DM me your discord name

how do you define the AB detent in WT to match the physical detent?

You reduce/increase the throttle sensitivity in control settings

Do I understand you right the sensitivity of the axis controls where the AB starts?

Yes, I have it at 1.17 I think and it fits perfectly. The moment you move throttle to AB point it activates AB, the place before AB stage sits at %100 throttle

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Thank you. I pulled the trigger on the Viper Mission Pack in the end. THe costs for me would have been literally the same, but the support for me is here in CH easier. Its just 15min away from me.

I use it and it works well

U don’t have a control key file for me by chance?

I can check it out later, not at the gaming pc.
Mostly use it for the Seahawk so my setup isnnt complete for top tier as i hate top tier sim

Thank you - I was hoping for an F-16C config file. I’ll open a new thread