Winter Poland

Who ever “rebalanced” the winter version of Poland needs to get back to what ever they were doing before and not touching maps ever again.

It’s a spawn to spawn camping party.

Is there no quality control whatsoever?


That’s what happens when they introduce a winter version of a map that was released in the original ground CBT, without adding any of the map fixes that were done over the years to it.

I don’t understand why they didn’t just copy the current version of regular Poland.

Fun fact the same issue exists on other winter maps too, but it’s not as bad on the newer maps like Seversk


They need to stop hiring people who designed Counter Strike type of maps, because the lack of imagination used to “update” these maps is mind boggling.

In the new upcoming version of American desert, they just simply walled off all the low ground on the edge of map and removed a few buildings to open things up. WHY?

I’m all for removing blatant spawn camping spots, but Gaijin thought process is just to wall off sections of the map, or place out of bounds sections, which condenses the map or forces teams to just “hold W” and push straight ahead and hope for the best.

I don’t know if they use low tier reserve vehicles to trial the maps, when they redesign them, but they probably need to use some top tier vehicles and see how they play.