Winter Maps and my eye sight GRB

Do you people also get your eyes burned while playing winter maps? No matter the brightness of my monitor it just keeps burning my retinas, anyone got a solution for this?


do check your gamma levels in the settings. otherwise i am just as much a victim of this lol


Having a screen with eye saver mode is great, if you don’t have a good screen the windows night light setting should also make things more pleasant


It’s probably Gamma settings. You can adjust it in your monitor, or the software controlling your GPU. There are also gamma settings under options in game, and/or also try playing with Post FX settings also found under the options.

Sunglasses… I have a pair next to my PC just for instances such as this.

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Go outside and look at the sun maybe? Basement dweller is the first thing that came to my mind when I read your message.

How is that relatable to the topic?

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You shouldn’t feel eye strain when seeing strong vibrant colors. You’re either playing too late into the night or actually haven’t seen a sunshine for so long. Dude it might the game as well but but it it might be a you problem this time.

I do see sunshine everyday, so you mean that everyone agrees with me are cavedwellers?

Just saying, there’s a LOT on this forum who genuinely can’t actually engage right now…

Very dismissive, manipulative, and abusive they are to be honest.

As I said, I keep sunglasses handy. I do use a TV, and I think I even have the adaptive junk turned off because it used to mess about with things when scenes changed.

No I think you should fix your setup or check your eyes because of those things is not working correctly. You said that you lowered the brightness right? That should have fixed the problem

Short Answer: YES

Long Answer: No matter the hour i play if i get a snow map my eyes just simply BURN, i hate them badly i cannot see in them and my eyes get tired real quick, i honestly One leave those matches as soon as possible. I have Two monitors (my Lenovo Laptop screen and my ProView PL926Wbi) and before anyone asks GAMMA doesnt do shit.

I do have “yellow” tinted glasses that do help alleviate this for the short term.

Gaijin should just remove winter maps, they are just always annoying to fight in, no cover and it burns your eyes.