Will you play the GR.7 again with 9Ms?

I took a look back at my GR.7 - I haven’t played it since they sent it to BR hell.

These games were all played when the jet was 11.0 - and it was good. And I think the problem is that its going to sit in the same BR forever - as Gaijin balances on stats or GRB loadout (in this case the GR.7 got the worst of both worlds) it will probably never return to a proper BR.

But alas - they have decided to give it 9M’s. As we have seen on the DEV server they are pretty cracked - and in no way will they stay like that.
In reality I think the 9Ms are just going to be pre nerf 9L’s. I don’t foresee them making a difference in this plane and with the good stats a lot of the players had it will probably never have its BR reduced.

Same story with the GR.1 harrier - it sat in its deep dark cave until Gaijin mercifully reduced its BR to where its “sorta ok?” now.

But the GR.7 cannot survive in a 12.0 world. And with 12.3 jets coming into the meta that are set at 12.0 its only going to get worse. The only way it will ever get a chance for the light of day is ASRAAMs imo.

I mean the sea harrier sits at 10.7 with 4 9Ls - the logical step would be to have the GR.7 be 11.0 as it is faster. I would rather have it return to that BR with 9Ls then stay at 11.7 with 9Ms - unless the missiles stay cracked.

9ms are going to come out a lot more nerfed than what we saw on dev, so it probably won’t save the vehicle.

Thats what I feel is going to happen.

It just needs to return to 11.0 with its 9L’s. Like they are no longer cracked anymore, in fact I only carry flare/chaff in my IIIE and 1 flare defeats them.