Will you buy premium if there is 50% for TVI VII summer sales

TBH, Gaijin did complain that players are not spending money in the game, but have you ever thought that with discounts you could sell more and get a better looking income statement?

The vote is simple, please vote honestly:

  • If there is a 50% discount, I’ll buy several tier VI and VII premiums.
  • I’ll buy tier VI and VII premiums even without a discount.
  • I have no interest in buying anything.

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For me, if there’s a 50% discount, I’m planning to buy the A5C, Saab J35XS, Kfir 96AP, and Merkava pack. But if there’s no discount, maybe I’ll buy them in November. or perhaps I won’t buy anything due to heavy work in the next year.
Although I’m working, I do think young players such as students are saving money for games to play in the summer. Yes, the mid-year financial report is ending, but consider the overall net profits - increasing sales is always a good action.

ps. vote is for reference only, most people don’t use forum


We got gaijined- they won’t let you get both higher income and prem discount.
Needless to say someone will come ask you to drown your post into “official thread” XD
*My post was just hidden by you-know-who and system says he feels “offensive” XD

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tbh, I think it is just because the mid-year report is ending, and they want to increase sales in the last few months at the end of the year to please the shareholders and achieve their kpi. otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense, better sales can contribute a higher present value

there is another possible reason, in some company you don’t want to increase sales too much in one month. because if you have 200% increase this month, your boss will ask you to achieve 400% next month.

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You don’t think that Gaijin is collecting their own statistics on sales?.. Save the drama for your mama. These posts crying about sales are getting excessive. Every single sale, there’s somebody kicking and screaming that the item they wanted to buy is not on sale. And they think making a forum post and crying about it is gonna change something…

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