Will you be able to buy the Strikemaster Mk88 with GE?

If you can how much?

no, it will be in the battle pass.

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You’ll be able to pick it up on the marketplace for Gooble coin.

Not directly but you will be able to progress through the battle pass with GE and eventually strikemaster will go on sale on the market. How much I cant tell you. Its going to be pretty expensive to buy your way all the way through the battle pass and final reward vehicle prices can vary from like $200 to like $40

Buying the strike master after the extra steps (buying out battle pass) is going to cost 51.48 usd.

I figure with the store packs discounted we have 10K GE at 49.50 usd and 150 GE at .99 usd x 2. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Battle Pass Seasons - War Thunder Wiki tells you how many GE it costs per level of battle pass and it increases as you progress.

This being the first jet in battle pass history, I suspect it will have some higher market value in the distant future.