Will we see a saab 38 in war thunder?

Here is a poll from 30 of september 2022

I mean it was a prototype than never come to life but it would be cool i think.



The aircraft was projected with 7 general hardpoints: one central and four underwing heavy pylons for bombs, missiles, pods, etc, and 2 wing-tip light pylons for air-to-air missiles.

Note: More more weapons than listed, including counter measure and electronic warfare pods, incendiary weapons, missiles, etc, were planned, we just need more official sources on the matter.

  • Main Gun: 30 mm akan m/75 (Oerliken KCA)

Note: Same gun as on the JA37 Fighter-Viggen. Sources vary on whether this was to be mounted, where it was added and how much ammunition it would have. Probably intended as a centerline outbord gunpod. Hoping for more details in the future.

  • Secondary (pods):

    30 mm akankaps m/55 (gunpods)
    135 mm rakkaps m/70 (rocket pods)

  • Secondary (bombs):

    120 kg sb m/71 (fragmentation bomb / free fall)
    600 kg bk m/90 (cluster munition / guided glide bomb)

  • Secondary (missiles):

    RB04E (anti-ship missile / active radar homing)
    RB05A (air-to-ground missile / manual command to line of sight)
    RB05B (air-to-ground missile / television guidance)
    RB11 (anti-ship missile / active radar homing)
    RB24B (air-to-air missile / infrared homing/ rear aspect)
    RB24J (air-to-air missile / infrared homing / rear aspect)
    RB72 (air-to-air missile / imaging infrared homing / all aspect)
    RB74 (air-to-air missile / infrared homing / all aspect)
    RB75 (air-to-ground missile / television guidance)
    RB83 (air-to-ground missile / imaging infrared homing)


Anti-Radiation Paint: The aircraft’s paint coat was planned to be coated in a layer of paint that would be able to able to absorb signals from radars.

FLIR: Foreword-looking Infra-red, was a component mounted on the nose of the aircraft giving the pilot an infra-red view of the battlefield.


From what I know it was only a mock-up, but in the future when they begin to run out of half-built prototypes it might come to the game.


It was a mockup that was never a prototype and never flew.


Hey, gaijins going to have to keep adding vehicles, and when they stop adding, people will stop playing, we have had lots of paper vehicles in the past, and will, and will probably be the future of war thunder. Looks like an odd mix of a few different planes. Also, put suggestions in suggestions.


I know we’ll see paper vehicles like this eventually, but in the immediate future given Gaijin’s current standards for adding vehicles, this will not come any time soon.

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Holy shit does this look good. 10.0-7 woud be great (i need rb-74s below 11.0 ffs)

It will probably come later on as part of it was prototyped, the thing on the nose if i remember correctly. So it was at least not fully paper, but yeah, not for a while.

Forgot to respond to this a while ago, yes, I agree, but gaijin has stated this game isn’t a “simulator.” I see this going two ways, either it becomes a full real simulation, or it can take a different time-line path type thing of adding some paper and proto/mocked vehicles, I want to say similar to WoT, but again, nothing alike gameplay wise, but slightly similar structuring.

Tbh I am fully in favor of the second.

Give me actually cool MBTs like the Strv 2000!

While Sweden needs some decent CAS at near top tier, I really hope this doesn’t add to the scourge of vastly undertiered subsonic ground attackers with absurdly good ordinance that manage to ruin both Air and Ground RB due to all aspect missiles against flareless planes and standoff range munitions against weak (or a complete lack of) long range SAMs.

Had several games of Ground RB ruined yesterday by AMXs just sitting 7km above the battlefield, dunking on everything that spawned with GBUs. Considering several nations have to face such planes with either IR guided SAMs that lack range, or RADAR guided SAMs that cannot point up, I seriously don’t want to see more at such a tier.

Its swedish air there is only two options, DOA or broken for 3 months before being nerfed and sent to the shadow realm.

Poor J22-B…

There’s probably 2-4 years before the game runs out of gen 4.5 types and variants on the ever upward trajectory. After that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the return of paper projects alongside ones where metal was cut. They could extend with gen 5 but modelling them accurately would be difficult as the public figures are likely short of reality.

My preference would be for them devs to prioritise those projects that at least got mockups, detailed drawings and projected performance data rather than the proverbial back of the napkin drawings. There are many, many our there that fit the bill without having to resort to pure fantasy that even Disney would disown.

So Saab 38 may arrive, eventually. I just prey they don’t go down the Luftwaffe 46 route of nonsense and ignore the loudest voices for more sensible ones.