Will we have thunderstorm added for overcast maps?

Will we have thunderstorm added for overcast maps?

It would look cool, and it would add even extra variation for weather. I love the recent overcast and foggy additions(Or increase of their probability) and I think it could also use some rain and lighting.


It would be awesome to see fronts and such storms turn up on the maps. This’d be a real demonstration of ability of the engine itself.

As long as it is cosmetic, it would be cool. I dont want to be flying and my plane just falls out of the sky due to a massive downdraft.

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Hope so. The wind effects are pretty atmospheric, adding some rain and lighting would be awesome.

I noticed the new gaijinry with wind

You can see somme trees wholooks as if they were straight in a tornado and 20m near, nothing move !!

Now a tornado could be an interesting event to bring onto the field… Good suggestion!

Now that I think about it. Nuclear fallout weather would also be cool.

Though I doubt Gaijin would add it