Will we ever see improvements to APKs?

APKs in game are really lacking.

They don’t work with the ballistics computer like they should

They don’t have the HEAT warhead that should be an option

And they don’t have the large pod (x19) like they should

Really I just want any one of these, it’s such a cool system that’s so underutilized.

I agree with having heat warhead, but I was looking into it and i havent seen any reference to being able to use the 19 rocket pods, ive only ever seen them using the 7 rocket pods, do you have any pictures or info that it can be put into 19 pods?

Its never been done that I’ve seen, but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work. The system was designed to be a drop-in solution for any system that could fire the base rocket.

I have seen them placed in a ring along the inside of the big launcher though, with different rockets placed on the inside because you could mix warheads and whatnot too.


Should work, I will make a bug report on this because it looks like Gaijin implemented the LAU-131A/A as the US Army APKWS rocket launcher when in reality the US Army only uses the Arnold Defense M-series launchers. Those launchers are distinguished by the olive-ish paint (present on the ones in game) and also visible “NO STEP” text which isn’t present in-game.


Bug reports done!

Lack of 17x APKWS Rockets option here:

Incorrect launcher modeled for US Army APKWS rockets:

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