Will we ever see a full combined game mode?

Just curious if will ever be implemented? I think it would be cool to have air/ground/naval matches in larger scenarios like enduring confrontation. Personally I enjoy longer more laid back playing.

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Not a viable/feasible gamemode. Naval is too separated from the rest.

It would be really cool, but the maps would have to be massive, with ground fighting over AFs that can be used by aircraft to provide CAS for the tanks and to attack ships all the while ships are fighting over ports like they do in EC.

It would be insane and fun, but I just don’t think practical. Matches would probably snowball

Not necessarily, they would definitely have to limit certain vehicles (mainly planes and aa) but I don’t see how it can’t be done.

but his would also allow for a better expansion to naval with more modern ships and weapons

It is possible in some maps like Jungle and Port Novorossiysk
They could set up points where both ground and naval vehicles can capture the point.
But I only think it would be possible with coastal ships cause bluewater would need way to much room to even be able to play.



The LOSAT would definitely get a new lease on life as an anti-ship battery.

Yeah it is possible. Though you do have the added issue of naval only being up to BR7 currently.

But just gotta figure out a way to make sure that shore bombardment wasnt insane.

Naval combat is for shelling and maintaining a beachhead. Gaijin could certainly put together a scenario for Normandy or implement a multi phase game mode where you’re playing Naval / Air then Ground / Air.

They don’t have much reason to do this as it’s serious work for a gimmick at best and something which the majority of WT’s players won’t see. Similar to the WW2 game mode.

Considering even a destroyer has more firepower than an entire tank battalion…
I don’t think there ever will be as long as the short form vignette of “random battles” is the main game mode and method of progression. It just doesn’t fit the “meta” Gaijin has established of “separate but equal”.
If they ever (can) pull off a persistent scenario that is in large enough scale, then it can encorporate all three. Think EC naval and air on the big maps but with ground able to maneuver over that large an area in epic scale battles. Air and naval would be heavy influences, but ground would be the “arm of decision” that actually wins or loses battles. etc.
So, yeah, not gonna happen.

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I’m thinking a large map surrounded by water, ships will only have spawns around 10 miles out that don’t change, ground vehicles will start with a few spawns and have objectives to capture that will create new spawns (like heli battles)

A map like this but only 1 giant island, ships would not be completely destroying ground vehicles because they will be at a far range and also dealing with enemy ships.