Will we ever get tech tree Merlava 3D and Merkava 2D?

Why are the best variants of both Merkava generations locked behind a paywall as premiums?

Are there actually any plans to add at least the Merkava Mk 3D as a tech tree vehicle?

It’s possible we get a late variant of the Merkava Mk.2D (during its time in reserve) as a TT 10.0-10.3 with the M900 equivalent round, called the M428. Other than that, likely won’t see it added.

Probably will see Mk.3D, and hopefully a late one or two with the M338 round and high generation thermals at 11.3. But probably not, I see it as unlikely given gaijin has shown they down want to add the event vehicles for the USA into the Israeli tech tree for some odd reason.


Possible we’d see the Merkava Mk. 2D with the Droid system or the Merkava Mk. 3M, but I find it unlikely, especially the Mk. 2D with Droid.

You want a PNG. Image of a merkava running around the battlefield?


Just kidding

Makes more sense as a modification probably.