Will we ever get LGBT decals?

How is that in any way relevant?

I can only agree with capBolo, you are free to live however you want, i dont care, its your live your decisions, you can do a custom skin, but seeing from your replys this isnt about a decall in game, you just want to stirr the pot. Youre even attacking those that just post their oppinion (i dont mean the sarcastic or simply hatefull ones). So no thank you.


Could you explain how I am attacking anybody that gave their opinion in this thread? The only thing I thought I was doing is to continue discussion by using reply function, I was not trying to attack anybody.

Dude, if your only answer to what we are saying is “no it’s not political and I want it and I’m right”, then why open a topic on a forum if you disagree with erveryone ?

It IS political, wether you like it or not, it DOES break immersion and it is EXACTLY the same thing as the Z that you mention earlier.
So make a custom skin or whatever you want but we already have enough unrealistic skins.
Also, I have to say that a combat vehicle made of steel and deisgned to kill as many ennemies as possible isn’t exactly the right thing to epxress your sexuality on …


Attacking is perhaps the wrong word, i couldnt think of anything more fitting, but for example the post above where muscle chad sayes that he doesnt want unhistorical/unrelated stuff such as body pillows in the first place and your replied with “how is that related”
This answereing is also kinda useless, also did you perhaps think about certain players missusing them? For example putting other perhaps hatefull symbols over them to put their “opinion” to the “public” ?
Anyway you dont need to answere neither will i anymore because i dont really care in the first place.
And adding a wrong because there is allready wrong in game, doesnt add to right (no i mean that like in math, not directly that your live is wrong, it seems that youre easily triggered like you allready shown).

Oh, I agree that LGBT issue has become too political, when in perfect world it should have never became such a polarizing issue, but alas. The fact that such a simple thing as pride flag can ‘trigger’ so many people is disappointing.

A lot of things already break immersion, I was wrong in thinking that decal immersion issue could be fixed by setting, but it seems like it doesn’t work that way? (Though in-game, it does say it also includes decals, so I don’t know)

I agree that it shouldn’t be political, but sadly it is and that’s why I don’t want it in game … look how people debate about it on very small part of a forum, now imagin what it’ll be in game.

Also agreed that many things are breaking the immersion and that’s why we don’t need more. You can hide the unhistorical skins but inly the user made ones I believe, not the in game decals.

Yeah, how does him having a British friend who was in the army ( Guess what, I also served, but I don’t mind mind pillows, so who is more correct?) is related?

To your second question, a lot of things are already misused in the game, how would a pride flag be any different? You already have Z’s, you already have somebody misusing numbers on German tanks, you could misuse country flags by putting ‘hateful’ symbols on them.

Funny that you think calling pride being ‘wrong’ and then defending yourself by saying that you really don’t mean it, because it somehow triggers me (?) . If it wouldn’t ‘trigger’ me, then would you mean it?

I think that what he wants to say is that War Thunder is supposed to be a game, not being a political battle ground where people misuse symbols in order to trigger people …

We already have people putting Z on their tanks, recreating a swastika or many other stupid things so do we also need people putting a skull on a pride flag or idk what ?

I’m genuinly sad that this game sometimes cease to be one and become a political scene …


It’s weird because I remember not seeing a decal with ‘fictional’ tag on my friends tank, until I turned on the option that allows me to see ‘any’ decals.

Did they change that? Even the in-game option says it includes decals and decorations, but mod here says otherwise, so I have no idea whom to believe

Good question, I was also relying on the mod so … I’ll check in game later on

There it is again, your directly coming aggresive, i didnt say that its wrong, i wrote out the mathematical rule -×-=+ (2 wrong doesnt make a right) and sayed that it doesnt mean that such is wrong, but you directly put it again that way just like with the community helper, i didnt call prite people wrong, thats exactly why i wrote that behind it.
It also wasnt about that his friend served, i didnt even mention that, its about the unrelated decals.
You are a moron, a troll that is just trying to stir up the pot. You are one of the people that are the reason of hate against pride people that are minding their own life and just want peace. I am done here.
And ehj78 has read it correctly.


My bad, I misunderstood you in your last comment.

However, Pride people being loud in fighting for equal rights does not justify hate towards them. It’s like telling black people to keep their head down and we won’t mind you on the height of segregation, tell women that they should stay in kitchen and we won’t mind you, etc. I personally don’t care about stuff like adoption and legal marriage, but some do, and it should be their right to have same access to it as any other human being, because in the end, we’re all same humans.

It doesn’t jusitify, but it does exacerbate the tensions, it’s logical. You’re more likely to recieve something if you’re more visible. But I think we’re getting off topic.

In game, most of the players are russians and americans so not the most gay-friendly people. And I also believe that there aren’t many leftists or so playing a tank combat game so a pride flag will just draw a target on your back and start unnecessary debates

no please


I highly doubt it seeing as anything related to LGBT is illegal in a lot of the countries War Thunder is distributed to.

Gaijin is a Russian developer, and with that I’d assume no.
And with this community, I can already see the teamkilling and griefing that would come out of it. Same reason they aren’t adding political decals.

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I had two very good teachers in college. They were lesbians and lived together. There was never a case that they mentioned their sexual preference to students and even other teachers, as far as I know. There were just students passing that info to each other and nobody ever minded it, as they never stuck it in students’ faces. That was just their own business and they never tried to convince anyone to “come out.”
These days everything has to be in people’s faces. Even children are not safe. Why?
Also, why is there a whole month called “Pride month”? Why do you need a whole month to celebrate your alternative sexual preference and then have people parading naked on the streets, so kids can see it?
Christmas, Easter or even Veteran’s Day is just ONE DAY. Why do you need a month? Why are there calls now for the WHOLE SUMMER to be “the summer of pride”? Vanity much?
Pride and vanity IS a deadly sin and it will always be bad and wrong for any religious person. The fact that they called it “pride” is not an accident.
How about the “rainbow” that they appropriated? True rainbow has 7 colors, not 6. Rainbow is given by God and is a symbol of beauty and innocence to children. Now, who gave the 6-color “rainbow” and does it still represent the innocence and beauty or is it just a trap to lure innocent children who still don’t know better? I’ll let others decide for themselves with this answer.

Did you really ask for an event because of the pride month? Where is the straight month then (no, I don’t need one)? Did you just compare religious, military and national holidays to a pride month that celebrates alternative sexual preferences? Why do you always need to affirm your sexual orientation by trying to celebrate it every day and asking others to accept it or they are homophobes? The fact that you even have a flag makes it political and at this point is like a step away from some kind of “religion” or a cult.
Keep it private and live your life the way you want (as long as you don’t harm children). Just don’t try to stick it in other people’s face all the time. Last couple of years were the worse I have seen here in the US. The politicians and corporations are keeping us busy talking about this *** while they are stealing our money and our future, but you are busy “celebrating” your sexual preference. Keep dancing on that sinking Titanic.
Good going there…
ps. Thanks for flagging my earlier post as “offensive.” You have just proved my point.




I haven’t flagged any of your posts, because it’s a discussion thread and all opinions are welcome.

Thanks for confirming that I was in fact correct in my earlier assessment on you though.

There’s no point for me to refute any of your points, because they’re irrational at the base, so I will just ask a simple question - Why does a religion need 52 Sundays? as an atheist, I think religious people should keep it private and live the life the way they want, as long as priests don’t harm children, of course.

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