Will we ever get LGBT decals?

I would have thought it was a good opportunity do some kind of event during pride month, but sadly there was no event of that kind of whatsoever.

Do you guys think there is possibility of Gaijin adding some kind of lgbt decals to the game? Since there are lot of unrelated holiday decals anyways already.

Being ‘LGB’ is illegal in several places.
Being ‘T’ is illegal in many more (including Russia)
(please note I do not like these facts, simple stating them)

So I am sure for now the answer is no.


Can’t say I like this idea, tanks in game already have too many decals ruining the immersion. Don’t really want to see a rainbow flag while i’m supposed to play a tank game, we’re not in World of Tanks here.
Plus, what’s the point of this ? Let’s say you find a tank with a pride flag on it, will you shoot at it ? For some people that will end up as a moral dilemma while for others they’ll be targetting those flags specifically, even on their team.

We already had such problems with Russia and Ukrainian flags, so please don’t make things even worse…


This game is available in many countries.

In a significant amount of these countries, that kind of content would get war thunder banned.

I am not gaijin so I don’t know which option they would choose, but that is the conundrum they would find themselves in.

Doubtful, “Gay Propaganda” laws are already a thing in places like Russia and without getting too much into politics, LGBT representation is pretty much just not allowed in any form in many of the countries War Thunder is in. If they added pride decals we’d be looking at a banning of War Thunder from many markets, along with putting pride stuff on tends to make you a target for hatemail and other crap in a lot of games generally (In my personal experience)

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What moral dilemma though? I don’t let opponent tanks live just because they have Ukrainian flag, what’s so different about rainbows? I would personally love to use it because for some tanks, I use decals to express myself, depending whether I’m going to use it in sim or realistic.

And regarding the immersion - there is already an option in-game to only show historical or semi-historical decals.

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Maybe you don’t, but others will. People just love to stir the pot whenever they can. I’m sure there’s going to be an issue about a youtuber shooting a gay tank or something and then there’ll be a stupid polemic.

Fortunately this features exists … but then again, why having a decal that no one can see ? If it’s just for you , then just imagine that it’s on your tank and you’re good.
Also, LGBT things today aren’t just a way of expression, it’s also a political thing. I personally don’t want a political debate over a decal and I really don’t think the game wants/needs it. Furthermore, as far as I know, there is no other such political decal in game.


Lol, that is ridiculous over-exaggeration, and it shows how you view lgbt people.

How did we go to a decal that nobody would see? It’s an issue that people that like immersion would have, and I wouldn’t be able to comfortable to say that everybody has ‘historical’ decal setting. I would like to have the decal for same reason, as somebody would put their nations flag, anime, whatever. To customize the tank in a way that I like.

It’s as political as you would make it to be. For you, it’s political, for me, LGBT flag is just an way to express myself.

What is more repulsive, a lgbt decal or players driving around with Z’s and V’s on their tanks(Even if it’s being done indirectly, it would be easily catchable if Gaijin would ever want that)

No, it’s not the decals but the Gaijin Market skins that are concerned.

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Ah, my bad then. Fair enough.

If it’s just for you, you can create a custom skin.
It would be on your customer and only you would see it, like some historical aircraft camouflage with basic forbidden symbols.


… Did you just compare LGBT flag to forbidden symbols that I assume are related to nazism and communism?

Thank you :)


I was about to say, the easiest way to get anything like that is to just create a custom skin. they’re really easy to make too. this here is a great tutorial i personally come back to often.


I’m not talking about flags.

Sorry if the comparison offended you.

But custom camouflage is a solution.

Here we go. That’s why we don’t need this crap around here. That’s the way it works, first foot in the door, then trying to control the narrative and then trying to make others bow to you, because you might get offended. I’ve seen this a-plenty where I live.
Just make your custom skin and keep the social issues and sexual preferences off this board and off this game.


??? Brother.

Anyways, I’m sure they are going to add furries decals at some point, with e-sport rising so I will be able to showcase my super “gayness” even if it’s going to be indirectly, so it’s going to be a polite no from me.

If this ever happens then I’ll contact support and request that they delete my account, then I’ll lose my tech tree progress and never come back. Same goes for any online game (so far war thunder is the only live-service game that I play).

Imagine seeing German tanks with LGBT flags, when in real life they had the Reichskriegsflagge (you know, the funny wind-mill with 4 arms).

Shaking my head…


So I assume you will do this now that they added robots? If it is simply a realism/immersion problem this would be way worse.


If you don’t quit I guess it is safe to assume it is because you are a hateful bigot who thinks a large group of people don’t deserve to exist.

Yep, me too.

@Brave_Idiot I’d be glad if the anime body pillows and stupid eye decals were removed. Fortunately the most obnoxious decals like gnomes are rarely seen. I was talking to a player who served in the British Army, and he HATES the eye decal on tanks. He’s a millennial btw, not a boomer.