Will there be a "new high altitude" requirement?


As the title said and with the new medium range missile that will be added, It could be interesting to have a DCS-like mode (idk if this the correct word) where, with a map, even bigger than the ones we have in EC (like in DCS), the player has no choices but to get to high altitude in order to conserve fuel ?

You could, of course, not get high and spend more fuel near ground, but you would get less far.

As I understand it, It goes down to fuel efficiency as the thin air create less drag on the plane so It consume less fuel to maintain the same speed.

And is this system already implemented or no ? By this system, I mean the higher you go the less fuel your plane consume.

If I maid any grammatical error, my apologies, I am not a native English speaker, feel free to point out my errors.


Drag is dependent on altitude in game, although the height limit (on how high up you can go) might not make the strategy worth it?

No chance this will happen sadly. Gaijin has been pushing players lower to the deck with the 25 minute timer (which affects all BRs) and missiles which affects play at higher BRs. AI units and strike planes are also at low altitude of course, so most players tend to gravitate to low alts.

I wish we could get high alt fighting like we had during the Guardian Angels event, but we won’t.

With the sim player base we made the proposal for larger maps but none passed as a suggestion for the developers.