Will there any possibility that Scharnhorst will be reclassified as battleship

Everyone here will know that irl Scharnhorst was battleship(Schlachtschiff in native), not a battlecruiser. But Gaijin classified it as battleship, things that even english classification no longer do.

As Gneisenau modelling is confimed long time ago with Scharnhorst, I think Gaijin should reclassfied Scharnhorst as battleship and put it after the SMS Helgoland while Gneisenau goes after SMS Bayern. This makes sense historically, and makes german battleship line more meaning to grind.

Battlecruiser line still has lots of imperial german ships left, and even in Kriegsmarine Panzerschiff D(which was laid down but cancelled in favor of Scharnhorst) and Schlachtkreuzer O. So breakaway of Scharnhorst won’t be much problem for that line.


It really should be. All nations consider it as a battleship and it even out displaces some other ships that are classified as battleships in game.

Yeah I think when those ships will be added moving scharn to the first line will be logical solution. As for now tho it will just leave von der tann as a dead end and all people grinding it for scharn will lose time and RP.

so good idea, just not now


This is an issue with this poxy game that I’ve had for a while now that the devs for whatever reasoning since around late 2019 is them simplifying warships classifications which annoys me greatly so.

The German warship Scharnhorst in game is a Battleship by historical classification of the germans, It’s strange that they respect the Project 26 cruiser as Light Cruisers yet with their armament they would be considered heavy cruisers by the London naval treaty yet many ships are simply mislabelled in game.

I can think of quite a few ships that are incorrectly classified in game.

Take corvettes in game example the Peacock class or the Project 204 both are corvettes yet in game are subchasers, Similar HMT Liscomb which is a Trawler yet a Subchaser (strange it’s prefix was changed & it’s classification a few years back).

But back to corvettes the Project 1331M is considered a frigate in game which goes against the MPK designation (MPK: Small Anti-Submarine Ship which were corvettes & subchasers historically while SKR: Escort Ship were frigates upwards) similar the Project 1241.2 are corvettes yet are iirc Motor Torpedo Boats in game.

Another classification error is the Chidori which in game is classified as a gunboat although historically it’s the lead ship of a Torpedo Boat class strangely in the Destroyer tutorial it’s a Destroyer same goes for the German Raubtier class (Type 1924) & Elbing class (Type 1939) Torpedo Boats yet are destroyers, Strangely the K class Sloop is a Frigate/ destroyer in game (in game your crew calls out DESTROYER!! if spotted).

Getting to larger ships Destroyer Escorts are Frigates although those terms are universal together but the Ayanami class Destroyer JDS Ayanami DD-103 is referred to a Frigate in game which is daft since it’s pennant/hull markings is clearly DD & it’s predecessor class is a destroyer the Harukaze class JDS Harukaze DD-101.

I could go on but it would be a long list.

Honestly if I was a dev I would reclassify everything in game correctly again over this annoying streamlining we see currently.

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If I remember correctly, Anglo-Soviet naval agreement in 1937 has made them light cruiser, in exchange of stopping construction of further Project 26 cruiser, left only what already ordered.

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