Will there any possibility that Scharnhorst will be reclassified as battleship

There is more to do, than just swapping the turrets. You would need to 3D model a new, longer bow, a new tripod mast with superstructure changes to accommodate the new turrets, too.

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Thanks for the correction. But I think that even if we get Gneisenau with 283 it doesn’t dispute the 380 version. We can get the same ship twice in different versions.

And I think it would be missed opportunity, but it really isn’t relevant now since I am quite certain that we will get Bismarck/Tirpitz first.

Spawning, I don’t think there’s a single map where BB and BC are different spawns. As for the repair costs, that’s mostly BR related as well as rank more than classification isn’t it?

No. even in the same BR battlecruisers are tiny bit cheaper than battleships. for spawn point, I said not practical in naval as all map has same spawn point for cruiser and battleship, and they don’t require practical spawn point for ships.

Interesting, my USS Alaska is 310k SL to repair while my USS Arizona is only 300k. Same amount of modifications.

That’s because Arizona sucks at the past XD and was originally 6.7 battleship.

Alaska/Kronshtadt : 41,766 in RB with spaded
Scharnhorst : 41,754 in RB with spaded
Hood : 41,842 in RB with spaded

Parizhskaya Kommuna : 41,867 in RB with spaded
Bayern : 41,842 in RB with spaded
Saschen : 41,834 in RB with spaded
Marlborough : 41,867 in RB with spaded
Hyuga/Fuso : 41,867 in RB with spaded
Conte di Cavour : 41,867 with spaded
Ise : 41,766 in RB with spaded

except for Hood&Ise, battleships were usually having more expensive repair cost than battlecruisers. It’s last BR&Repair cost change that Arizona got up to 7.0. Soon her repair cost will also increase.

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