Will the tornado adv have Fox 3 missiles?

Will the Panavia Tornado in War Thunder be equipped with the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), commonly known as the Fox 3 missile? I wanted to ask because im afraid that gaijin could forget to add Fox 3 to the tornado adv

In my opinion, It should never get them ingame. Its more than effective at 11.3.
The tornado will suffer even more since its br will be 12.0 minimum. And good luck dodging any irccm missiles in that house of a plane.

There is a different Tornado ADV variant which can carry it, which won’t mean the F3 has to go higher br, they can just add the midlife upgraded F3, aka the CSP variant.


This is also in terms of the British ADV, as far as i know, Italian ADV’s didn’t carry them.


well it would be nice to finally be able to engage in BVR combat.
It would suffer but might be fun

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Technically. Italian Tornado ADVs never recieved AMRAAM. Italy instead returned their ADVs to Britain and leased F-16s for AMRAAM capabilies until the Typhoon entered service

As for Britain. I am hoping for a second Tornado F3 to be added at some point that will have Aim-9M and AMRAAM at an appropriate BR. That way we keep one at 11.3 and one at whatever BR a supersonic low Gen 4 AMRAAM carrier will be at, maybe 12.3/12.7. Best of both worlds only with some slightly annoying grinding.

Now Gaijin may just add an Italian ADV with AMRAAM for the sake of it, but it would be ahistorical and kinda comes down to gaijin and what mood they are in

Italy has the typhoon and the italian typhoon has Fox 3 so the tornado could have adv carried fox 3 heres some proof that It can Carry it and its still in service but It Will be retired by 2025

Yes… But Italy got rid of their Torando ADVs and replaced them with F-16s with AMRAAM. Italian ADVs never got the upgrades necessary to properly use AMRAAM like the RAF Tornado F3s did as a part of the “AMRAAM Optimisation Programme” (at least im fairly certain)

So the “Panavia Tornado with AMRAAM” is likely the RAF Tornado F3 that carried AMRAAM for much of the early 2000s (along with ASRAAM)

Never had them, the Italian ADV is just and RAF Tornado F.3 leased to Italy. When time for the upgrades for AMRAAM and ASRAAM came the Italian government didn’t want to pay for them so terminated the lease and returned them to the RAF.


^ What I tried to say, ye

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We actually dont want the CSP variant. As it has No Data-link. We’d want the AoP Variant, which better intergrates the AMRAAM.

Though @DevilO6 really loves the CSP Variant


No comment.

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No we dont, we want the EF3, its exactly the same but can carry ALARM, so when that is added it will be better :)

I suspect that we will get another version that has RAM coating and AIM-120 support for Britain soon

Yeah, probably not this update since the Sea Harrier was leaked, so its likely that will be our ARH aircraft alongside the Gripen, they should leave the F.3 as is for now its in a good place and add the EF.3 the update after, or we can cope about getting it this update as well :)

i wonder what br the harrier will be placed, does it carry 2 or 4 amraams?

Hmm… What do you think? I feel like 12.3/12.7 because of its bad-ish FM

Probably 13.0, feel like we need decompression with the ARH missiles so that seems reasonable, hopefully it will be one of the low BR’s for vehicles with ARH

I doubt that gaijin will go over 13.0, will be very interesting to see how bad the compression will be