Will the new Leopard be in Germany?

It’s great that a new Leopard will be added to the game in the future. It would be even better if it appears in Germany, not Italy or Sweden. The PSO Leopard has been turned into a copy of the A5, although there are copy vehicles in other lines as well. But… the copy vehicles of other countries are either stronger than the original, like the WZ1001, or they are strong themselves, like the TKX, 122B, or they make up for shortcomings, like the Challenger 2E. The only substantial enhancement of the PSO is a 12.7?

Even if it’s not strong or it’s a copy vehicle, at least it’s a copy of the end-of-line vehicle. How come Germany is still getting a reskin of the A5? Why not the A6? Oh, I remember, the A6 has been copied, it’s in Sweden? And what’s even funnier is that people in Sweden don’t think it’s useful, and the 90120 is even more advanced.

Moreover, the developers only have two days of reading time in three months. In the past half month, countless German players have spent a lot of time on the forum fighting for the interests of German players and suggesting to developers, but in the end, developers still go their own way.

Germany Crys
Okay, fortunately, I’ve always been Russian

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“Why don’t you give the PSO a second-generation gunner thermal imaging, and also cut off 20 horsepower?”
“Because we have to follow reality.”
“Then why don’t you have the function of not stopping electricity after turning off the engine?”
“Why don’t you give the PSO additional armor that can clearly be hung up in reality?”

So this PSO is just a void vehicle with a name that exists in reality. Why can’t you return the Kollan?

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t72 is very balanced but the pso is german yes