Will the new forum allow player avatars and signatures?

See above.

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Stands to reason they should, every other forum in the world does

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More Avatars will be available over time

No custom Avatars or Signatures tho

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Yeah thought the same… but I can only use forum assigned avatars or the wt ingame one. An option to atteach sigs in nowhere to be seen :(

Not yet, but just like the edit button, I am sure it will become available soon 😂

I don’t think custom avatars will be available again, people can use offensive images as profile pictures.

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Funny thing is WT forum had more useful features 10 years ago. Regressive progress…


Of course they can. But thats moderation is good for. Like every other forum I know about has costum avatars and most have the option to do sigs.

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Things are not Set in Stone… But, Gaijin just want things more War Thunder related…

That, and it saves a ton of Moderation work and or server space hosting everything…

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Ah yes, because Gaijin can’t afford 20$/month for 1 TB of server storage space for 1 milion custom avatars and sigs.

Makes sense.

This is the same forum that EvE Online uses, and its such a drastic change, to what most players are used too.

Its a change, but to most people its unwelcomed, I’m afraid

(i personally don’t mind it has ive gotten used to the layout and trust system, since its been the same in EvE for quite a few years)

I made an avatar. I wonder if I can put it on my profile.

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