Will the mig29 9-13 get the r73 anytime soon?

Just wanna know if the mig 29 9-13 will get the R73 since it had it in the DEV server

Why would it? The 29SMT already has R-73s.

Yeah but the smt is kind of shit, and the 9-13 can carry them anyway. Would like to see it

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The SMT is the same exact thing with a FAR better radar, and it doesn’t matter. The 9-13 is 12.0 for a reason, while the SMT is set to 12.7 with one of the best radars in-game and good missiles.

Yeah but it can still carry the f73, so it would only make sense?

Yeah, and with R-73s it would raise in BR. Why would that make any sense?

I dont think it would suffer too much, i mean the mig29G is 12.7 and isnt doing too bad on its own so…

And the MiG-29G is a modernized MiG-29… Entirely separate from the bas model 9-12 in the German line.

One of the best radars ingame…

You must not have ever ever flown any western aircraft in this game.

It’s perfect as is. The 12.0 Mig 29 should serve as a transition period, just like the F16 A for example. If gaijin wanted to bring in R73s on a lighter Mig29 airframe, they could just add another 29 and folder it with the 9-13.

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It’s not modernized, its based off the mig29-9-13, the main differences are the better missile (r73) Especially in war thunder where both planes are almost basically the same

MIrgae 2000-5F can carry MICA-IR yet is not planned to be in the game with the MICA-EM introduction.

So there is no rules that says if the Aircraft can carry such better weapon it should have it, because currently Weapons are somehow limited in order to the game to remain somewhat balanced.

Add R-73 on MiG-29 9-13 means it goes 12.7BR automatically ^^"

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Balance? Some 11.3 planes can carry IRCCM missiles but the mig29 at 12.0 which can be moved up to 12.3 or better yet, get its BR range decompressed cannot have the r73, interesting,

I understand what you mean, and yeah the fox-3 at 12.3? ofc thats not fairbut with IR missiles it’s different

they have 2 at max, the mig 29 would have 6 of them, not to mention that it also have the r27er, which would automatically make equal to the mig 29G which is 12.7, so no, it wouldnt be 12.3.

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It’s more logical to make It a 12.7 when the SMT receives the r77s or more modern r73s, as a stop gap they could add the mig23-98 or add r73s to the mld while raising its br.

it is not, the gap would be covered by the su 27s…

I think its Better tò make for the su27 a separate line.

R-73 DEV server september R-73 DEV

I have, though I don’t remember being able to guide the best SARH in the game while notching.

Pray tell though, what radar is better than it? How is it better?