Will Swedish jets go up in br now that we have Tracers

I feel like now that we can actually aim the guns the Statistics of the planes will increase and all our Lansen, Draken’s, Viggen’s. Will go up in BR…

Any thoughts?

Probably not since the other jets that have tracers are on the same br as the current swedish ones

I mean im not going to be suprised if players that face the draken will become extra salty because we can now aim…

Tracers will not help give someone god level aim , most Sweden players always have good aim in the 8.0 br range only ones that can’t aim are the premium players

Gaijin removed tracers because muh historical accuracy, then fails to add targeting assist since thats why sweden didnt use tracers, waits 3 years then adds them back.

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I just said that we can aim better. I know the ballistics of the 30mm are really only good for medium range targeting.

Yea where is our radar gunsight anyway!

Sweden got tracers so they dont need gun sight now xaxaxaxaxaxa

Well would still be nice. like in sim battles where your FOV is limited

How about this example. The J-35XS already has to fight the harrier with Aim-9Ms in full uptiers, and now because it can see where is measly 150 (I forget exact amount, somewhere near 150) bullets go it should go up in br? Yeah idk man…