Will Sweden ever get a Naval tree?

I feel like this has been suggested before, but also because lots of battle pass challenges required for progression include having naval equipment, which minor nations don’t have. Will Sweden, and other countries ever get a decent naval tree to be able to compete and complete challenges?

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Its going to be hard for them to choose to implement it given it has so few suggestions made for it.
go to suggestions-naval-Sweden, there are like 2 suggestions made.

Says things have been implemented since Sep 23rd, yet nothing in game, so maybe in this year?

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Suggestion are not necessery for gaijin to create a tree, they are more of fan wishservice tab than an actual data source.

It is doubtful since sweden never had ships that could fill BRs above 6.0, still, up to that point the tree could be semi decent especially with an addition of netherlands warships that were supplied heavily by bofors cannons. The coastal swedish-finnish tree could also have plenty of nice vessels.

June of 2023*

yeah, and that is empty, so nothing has been implemented (added to the game).
and June is when this new forum was created.

i didn’t say it was necessary, i just said it was going to be hard without them.

It really isnt and there was also more suggestions on the old forum.

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you want dutch ships in sweden?

They would peak at about 6.3 and from that point they wouldn’t have any suitable additions. And that is including paper ship designs they would also peak at like 6.3, 6.7 at a push.

I wouldn’t mind it, but even by current standards they would be left behind and we haven’t even seen interwar Treaty Battleships.

Need to check to see if Ikea has a flat-pack navy you can buy.

Jokes aside, yeah, would be good

( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )

I don’t think that the Sweden will never receive a Naval techtree, but it might not be especially soon before they get it either. Just have to wait and see.

That Q&A is from February of 2020. We got the Italian naval tree in the second update of that year so that is almost certainly what they were talking about. Considering that it took them another 3 years after that to give France a navy, I wouldn’t expect the Swedish Navy any time soon. It’ll probably come eventually, but I doubt it will be soon.

Here is all the suggestions from the old forum. List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Swedish Vessels (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!) - Sweden - War Thunder - Official Forum

Funny how many “Battleships” we had"

Be nice to recreate all those famous Swedish naval battles of WW2


I would say 6.0 since swedish “battleships” are comparable to Ikoma with more modern secondaries and with decent anti air. Paper designs wont be accepted since none of them were even laid down.

Hinestly since they added french navy without coastal they could add swedish with only coastal lol.
I wouldnt mind, I want to bully some destroyers and torpedo boats with lovely Spica class:

57mm bofors automatic cannon + 6 torpedoes :))

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