Will sounds ever be fixed ? - Please share experience

Hello everyone,

A very popular topic is getting worse. Game sounds, especially in Ground RB. With almost every update a sound is changed or adjusted here and there. The problem, however, is the general balance.
Means: Enemy tanks are hardly heard even if, although the own settings are set to 30 and less, the enemies are set to 100.

Tickets are ignored and an in-game survey on my part has shown that a great many people also have this problem. Especially in Ground RB the right sounds are essential for survival!

*** What are your experiences?**
*** And why doesn’t Gaijin address this problem?**
*** What settings do you use?**

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Yeah sound have been funny alot causeing misdirections


This shouldn’t even be allowed in the first place, it’s not much different from cheating. So many asking for more realism in this game and then they lower their engine sounds to be able to hear the enemy across the map.

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The bomb whistle is funny for a minute, but then gets a bit annoying.


But is so and it exists. So a) delting the full functionality to make it equal for everybody or b) fix it to a correect behaviour are the two options. But nothing works. Airplanes or tanks havbe no sounds and all time i am reading so much complains abotu “I didnt hear the tank! " “Where did this tank came from? No sounds!” " Waht plain… no sound”… and so on and on. It is currently a total mess.

i mean personally i think we hear way too much despite literally being a deaf tank.

Also environmental sound and effects are generally equally as bad due to not being remotely accurate.

Cough, Cough. TREES That are literally having a stroke flopping around in random direction is probably the goofiest and immersion breaking thing.

Also i think getting hit by machinegun bullets and tank shells are not nearly ass loud and pronounced as it should be

I mean, this is War Thunder, not, you know, Farming Simulator 22.

As for MG fire, yeah, it’s too loud, and tank shells not even close to enough, neither gunfire, I’d love to the the disappearance of giant dust plumes from tiny autocannon rounds, and not plumes, but just vibratorily jumping from the metal.

Does anyone know if the radio still mutes after your second match of arcade planes or something?

Is that still a thing?

How war thunder feels like when you are away from it a while

Watching this a looking at the game they feel like they have a similarity, that Sweden got ripped apart by CAS, that I relate to. The sounds and effects nah. Voice lines would be cool as an improvement

If the sound could only be like this…

Now that i think of it War thunder update teasers is probably what you fantasise about while are waiting to get home to play it only to get depressed