Will replacing files in ”sound“ folder with voice mod cause banning?

In new version Voice mod no longer work,

On GitHub, the fmod project file has not been updated yet

Replacing the original files in “sound” folder when the game is launched with mod file does work, but some people said it leds to account banning

I wonder if it is so

There was a week or so where sound mods were illegal due to someone using them to cheat in a tournament or something but Gaijin backed down on that. There are instructions for sound mods on the official war thunder wiki (Sound modifications - War Thunder Wiki) and a section for sound mods on WT live so you should be fine

In the newer version, they no longer work cause the GitHub hasn’t been updated. So none of us have the new files to make voice mods. Also no you will not get banned for using them. I have used radio, bomb, and other sound mods in the game for nearly 6 years if they wanted to I should have been banned although normally I only use voice mods meaning I’m no different from the next guy just the dialogue of crew members and radio commands is different.

P.S. When I say normally it means I’ve used sound mods in the past just not the exploitative ones those are no no’s. I used ones that change the sounds of cannons to sound more powerful, or more Hollywood-like, same with ricochets and stuff