Will other PLAAF Jet gonna get the PL-5C?

with the introduction of PL-5C(All-Aspect PL-5) will other Chinese Jet get it? like the J-8B/F and J-7E?
or for J-7D to at least have more Head-On capability
(J-7D is the MIG-21MF but due to the PL-5s it at sit 11.0 and it still need a liitle bit of head-on missile)


i think J-7E and J-7D should get it, PL-5B is too weak for 11.0 being rear aspect only, especially since they do not have any radar missiles to take with them, unlike F-4Es

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True have only rear-aspect only in 11.0 is kinda unplayable but have some head-on capability will make it more easy to play

even thought i love the j7e, pl5c’s on it would be way to overpowered. its already the best jet at 11.0.

How about uptier situation when you facing like Gen 4 jet which have pretty good radar and most of the IR AAM are all-aspect, and J-7E have only 4 of them and 60 rounds of 30mm. Cannon


At least gaijin didn’t add PL-8 for J-7E xD

climb to 25k feet and swoop from above and behind, and rack 3-4 kills with your PL5Bs. that’s the most effective tactic for the J-7E.

I don’t mind gaijin consider increase Air AB, Air RB & Air SB to 11.3 or 11.7 BR if 2x PL-5C stock from JH-7A replacement PL-5B and PL-2 replace by PL-8 from J-8F & JH-7A

He means PL-5B flare resistant relatively lower PL-5C & AIM-9L but better R-60M/R-60MK, Magic I and PL-7 7% or 8%. That’s good tactic

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Climbing to altitude is a death sentence when there are F-4Es with 4 SARH missiles at the SAME BR


F-8E with AIM-9C too

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yes, but the full up tiers are way more rare than before.