Will Leopard 2A7HU be Italy's condemnation?

So, I want to write a big concern of mine, whether it is fake news or not, it doesn’t really matter, what matters to me is… if it were to be introduced, will Ariete be completely abandoned?
In short, the Ariete is not a good tank at the moment, maybe, just maybe, it is the worst Top Tier tank in War Thunder, obviously I’m not talking about the skill of the players itself, I’m talking about the tank.
If the Hungarian Leopard is ever introduced, will players use the Ariete, or a fantastic Leopard?
That is, between the two, let’s be honest, the Leopard is more convenient, but if this were to happen, will the Italian domestic tank disappear from the games, until the 2A8 bought from Italy arrives?

Until the 2A8 is added, Italy will have a single Leopard 2 at their disposal - as such, the use of Ariete is pretty much guaranteed… unless the entire playerbase of Italy plans on becoming 1DLs.


depends on if they add the Centauro 2 at the same time because if so i would be running Leopard 2A7HU, Centauro 2, Centauro 120, Ariete AMV or Otomatic, Gripen C and then A129D


If I had the entire Italian tree I would suggest the new Centauro II just like the Britons got the Challenger 3 that used to be a demonstration tech and now is about to be a full production vehicle:

The third generation 120/45 mm gun (optional 105/52mm interchangeable to 120 mm), with integrated and stabilized low-recoil muzzle brake, provides the same fire power as most modern main battle tanks, with the capability of firing all latest generation 120 mm NATO APFSDS and multi-role MP munitions.

The turret, equipped with new anti-mine seats, has a crew of three men - commander, gunner and loader - with the latter able to use the new automatic loading system, while being able also to undertake manual loading operations, as back-up, or other emergency operations.

The model in question isn’t anymore a demonstration tech and there’s plans for introducing into the Italian forces.

Surely a good addition for Italian top tier, but first of all, Italian tree needs also a decent premium pack over OF-40 MTCA.

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Centauro 2 isn’t like Challenger 3 at all, it’s in service already, from the end of 2022 iirc.

I think it’s vice versa an opportunity for Ariete tanks to get a proper modelling and balancing, because they will no longer be forced to be top br.
Although it’s a big sad that Italy choose another Leopard instead of some separate development.

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There really isnt much that can be done for the ariete. Even if it gets its hull armor added it will be mediocre at best. The absolute best thing they can do for it is take away dm53 and move it down in BR, then let hungary take over with the 2a7hu until the 2a8 gets added and italy can get one of those

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On those tiny maps you dont need more than 1 mbt. the game is mostly decided after the initial engagement.

Well, you embody my concerns, the best thing to do would be to fix the armor of the Ariete and leave it there, moving it wouldn’t change its situation in general, but if everyone used Hungarian tanks, instead of the Italian ones, we could still call Italian tech tree? What would happen if this thing also happened with other nations?
If Japan received South Korea as the Subtree, if the South Korean tank was even stronger than the Type 10, would people play the Type 10? As well as the relevant IFV?

I think, yes, people would still play Italian Ariete tanks (or Type 10 as in your example) and there should actually be more people researching the tree in general, and so playing Ariete tanks as well, for now many players avoid the Italian TT and one of the main reasons is a lack of competitive top tier tanks.
You don’t use Hungarian tanks instead of Italian btw, you use them together in one line-up, even when 2A7HU comes it will still require some Arietes or Centauro 120 to complement the setup. Of course most of players will spawn 2A7HU first, though it doesn’t change the need of the Italian stuff.

L2A7HU will be the destruction. Gaijin ruined Sweden and they are now coming for Italy, filling the trees with not playstyle-orientated copies that are blatantly OP. Id rather not have it at all to make sure that whoever grinds the tree is geneiunely interested instead of wanting to win matches at 6.0/9.0/10.3 etc.

By making it one of the best TTs?

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This is honestly the main issue I have with Gaijin adding sub-tech trees for existing nations in War Thunder atm. I understand that it is needed to supplement minor nations that are weak in certain tiers and BR lineups…

Don’t get me wrong, not all copypaste/export vehicles are a bad idea. However, they can sometimes go extremely overboard with it (ex: the Finnish Leopard 2A6 while Sweden already has Strv-122A/B PLSS up-armoured Leopard 2s, Italy receiving not only the Hungarian MiG-29 and but a JAS 39 Gripen at the same damn time). This opens up so many possibilities for copy-paste chaos as a sub-country can operate many vehicles from both NATO, the USSR as well their own modifications/upgrades or domestic designs.

Copypaste vehicles or top-tier vehicle additions from a sub-tech tree country really should be chosen carefully depending on the necessity and timing for the original tree to NOW have access to them.

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Yes. It has lost the Swedishness to it, now people grinds it not because they are interested in Swedish vehicles, but they just wanted to play oppressive vehicles.

I mean, under the bonnet, it’s a different tank, other than the 121 which is an unmodified L2A4. As for the 122 A & B, they are both completely different tanks, with upgraded FCS’, better armor packages, and better optics and ammo. Extra weight means a bit worse mobility, but all-in-all, it’s a different tank than the German Leopard 2A5.

Wth does that mean?

I could see why one would, and now I am, just because it’s the next thing in the tree, but, I originally grinded for all the Strv 103’s, looking for a 9.3 lineup now.

It means that instead of being interested in Sweden because of the unique designs such as the pvkv series, CV90 variants and upcoming UDES series, those unique vehicles of Sweden, many players now grinded the tree because they wanted to destroy enemies at top tier - now in mid tier and cold war BR as well - instead of what drives people to grind other trees. I am not critisizing you or saying you are one of them, but I wanted these peoplw to stay away from Britain, China, Italy, France and Israel.

I see