Will Germany and Russia get New rank 7 premiums?

I mainly ask due to the fact that America and britain got rank 7 premiums. But also goes to question if the original rank 6 premiums bumped to rank 7 are the rank 7 premiums or is there going to be new ones added? Like a Leopard 2 a5 and a T-80

Maybe next patch maybe after one.

Possibly, perhaps a T-80UM1 and Leopard 2A5 MUSS?

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Pls no. The OES and Click Bait shouldn’t have been added in the first place and we definitely dont need any more lv3 wallet warriors roaming top tier

Which didn’t work?

I can still see it being added

bro half the vehicles/weapons in the game didn’t exist or work irl, the aps on the t55 and t80 was a failure as well yet functions in game

Devs on the russian dev stream said that the premiums will be added to all nation over time. So yes they will.

Noooo for the love of god, well to Germany won’t complain, but don’t finish my easy event grind on my bvm. So many click baits there to fill my grind bar

finally got it done lol, sadly the sources are very few

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Very good, I gave it +

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