Will Gaijin show love to the lower Ranks?

Although Gaijin had added the BF2C-1 Goshawk in the last update, it’s still noticable how there are massive gaps in several country’s trees that can be easily filled, allowing a smoother transition of vehicles for new players, some vehicles need to be rebalanced or relocated, as well as a significant portion of people finding playing rank 3 and below overall to be much more enjoyable than top tier, yet Gaijin continues to focus on more modern vehicles. Early inter-war and even WW1-era vehicles were said to be added eventually and we’ve only seen a trickle of vehicles every roughly once a year.

But what do y’all think?


I disagree. I’ve been playing the game for 2-3 years, and many new vehicles have been added in this time. Italy has a new spaa truck, China and Germany have new spaa vehicles that are extremely fast, and which can destroy ground vehicles. France got a new heavy tank. Italy got the Lancier SPG. We are spoilt for choice.