Will Gaijin implements new game mode?

I’m sure it’s not at all complicated to implement new game modes. It would be great to have free-for-alls, capture the flag, a rush mode like in Battlefield 3, fun modes but also more realistic and authentic ones, like a mode with vehicles from the same era.

In any case, I’m convinced that there are a bunch of really cool game modes that could be added. Is Gaijin working on it, or do we know nothing at all?

What kind of game modes/concepts would you like to see?

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Alot of aircraft dont fit in the current gamemodes and suffer because of that. An idea for a new gamemode would be one that favors bombers although im not sure how that could be done.

An idea for a new ground gamemode could be one where the map is alot bigger and there is ground targets for tanks, similar to the targets found in air battles but for tanks to attack like ai vehicle convoys and static defenses also other players. I feel like this could be a good idea for a few reasons, the first is that it would be a more realistic depiction of tanks. Another reason is that it would give more of a use to HE shells. One other reason is that it would let people use actual tactics and teamwork.


We had capture the flag and a free-for-all as events. I liked the free-for-all event and maybe it should make a return.

As for the historical mode, they tried that a few times and it never worked out. Always had horrible queue and a lot of people didnt like it.


I’d like to see a new/improved Air RB mode with tangible, threatening PVE elements and rewards to match.

Introduce COIN, SEAD, CAP, and interception mission types a player could partake in. All in one match ideally combined, like you might see in DCS.

There should be the opportunity in a match for any aircraft type to compete in their own way (maybe even helos but what I want may be beyond Warthunder’s capabilities)

In one enduring confrontation style match (several hours long but players get credit for what they’ve played/done) there should be bomber targets to be intercepted, bombing points to be struck, low and medium altitude air defences (some positions known and ranges displayed on the map, some not), COIN missions involving precision strikes on obscured and defended targets, CAS opportunities like tank columns, small scale battles, CAP opportunities defending against both AI and Player aircraft of all variety, Interception of AI bombers, A role for every kind of aircraft currently in Warthunder (and some not yet present) with a good amount of variety in each role.

I want to be able to take out an A-10 and go brrt some tank columns, then in the same match grab an F111 and bomb enemy bases, or grab an A6 or A7 and attack enemy positions from a carrier. Then I want to be able to defend that carrier, my troops, and my team’s positions. I might grab an F-14 and intercept high altitude Soviet bombers as God intended. Or smack some fighters out of the sky. And I shouldn’t always be able to fly in a comfortable position. Sometimes to accomplish an objective I should be forced to fly an awkward path to avoid enemy air defences, maybe higher than I’d like to avoid SAM fire, maybe much lower than I’d like to avoid detection. Whatever it is there should be variance! And there should be skillfully defeated or circumvented threats to my goal!

Just anything other than the mind numbingly brainless top-tier gameplay of take off, shoot missile, bomb base that takes 5 min to respawn, camp airfield, die or whatever it is you do.

Also delete the spotting system. CAS/COIN aircraft will always have a disadvantage against CAP aircraft. At least make it take some skill to take them on! And vise-versa. CAS is literally just but reticle on red target and press spacebar. Make it take some skill to seek and destroy enemy targets!

But don’t just become DCS, the easy accessibility of WT to console and KB+M players is fundamental to the game’s success. Just ease up on some of the hand-holding on our most accessible yet ‘realistic’ game mode.

Edit: lmao book. TL;DR: AIR RB EC, delete spotting system. Make CAS hard and rewarding (in ARB). Make the battlefield a more varied place.


They wouldn’t add a new gamemode. It would be incorporated into the existing game modes. So it isn’t just conquest.

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I have 2 gamemodes on my mind, one could be implemented tomorrow without issues and the other would be super hard to implement and i think the chances of gaijin ever adding a mode even similar to it is below 1%:

1- Air RB Enduring Confrontation:
Basically Air SIM mode (long duration matches, giant map, unlimited spawns, multiple objectives, no nametags and missile diamonds) with realistic battles mechanics (being able to play in 3rd person with mouse aim) it would not only be a fantastic alternative for air players who seek a different experience from the current air rb but it would also make other planes that aren’t fighters more useful and bombers such as the b-52 and the tu-95 would have a place ingame. This would be super easy to implement cuz they only need to ctrl C ctrl V SIM mode’s structure and switch the mechanics, it would be great if they add that mode while maintaining the original for the players that wish to play the classic quick deathmatch;

2- An “Open World” combined arms mode:
Basically “Planetside War Thunder” lol, this gamemode would be awesome because it would combine the beauty and realism of wt’s vehicles with a gargantuan sandbox-style gameplay, it’s better explained by this old forum thread :

They could even implement some infantry mechanics from enlisted (which imo are very underrated). It’s also important to point out that this old suggestion was even passed to the developers so probably at some point they considered adding a mode at least similar to it, but as it was a long time ago (got passed to the developers in 2020) i’m 90% sure that they either thought the idea to be too much expensive to implement or just impractical considering the presumed size that such mode would have, which is kinda sad because if successful it would be absolute revolutionary for the gaming industry.

I can only dream that one day, maybe when they run out of vehicles to be added, they’ll focus on making something like that… Who knows?

Yeah dude AIR RB EC is a must have