Will anything change related to ARB ticket happen?

Over and over and over again, wyverns and do335s kill the match. And I have an extreme example of one Single Do-335B emptying the ticket bar in just 4 min 40 seconds. It took him about 2 minutes to fly to the front line, which means he swept all enemy ground forces in less than 3 minutes. This completely ruins this game.
I wouldn’t say we should remove this ticket thing, but it is obvious that something is needed to be done. I still remember that sometime during the event I come across 8 wyverns that killed the match in less than 4 minutes. Maybe we should have more tickets and longer time per match.
Oh, and another thing. we should limit the number of strike aircraft per game. 8 wyverns or 7 il8s----- either way they ruin a match.


My favorite is when the red team has significantly less ground target kills 10-15 minutes into a match, but did happen to have the first one early on, so the self-destruction/waterfall ticket effect can never recover.

Usually this means the remaining red guys will not leave their AF to fight and the blue team—independent having more planes left—subsequently loses the game due to an abhorrently coded AI ticket bleed mechanic.

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Yea, how dare attack planes matter in Air RB. Lets turn them into bombers where what they do is basically negligible. Maybe do the job of a fighter and intercept the ground strikers? Protect your ground units?


I appreciate you efforts, but imho neither gaijin, nor the community cares about this.

A short reminder:

The thread is not long, but the usual maps like Poland, Tunia ahd Stalingrad are mentioned.

Imho it boils down that gaijin is not reacting to feedback and some of the maps were either “updated/reworked” by interns and/or never really tested.

A small example from a revised map in which gaijin managed to transport design flaws from old maps into new layouts; actually embarrasing:

The bug report:

Community Bug Reporting System


Just to prove that the players dont care:

So if i compare the 500 votes for a “return of custom avatar” with 5 votes for “Feedback from gaijin needed” it looks comprehensible that gaijin is not really eager to change gameplay related issues or implement a proper communication process for such issues…

This isn’t a thread about the practicality of bombers and attackers in ARB. It’s a thread about poorly implemented ticket bleed and spawn mechanics.

I’ve spaded every prop in the game. I am fully aware of the challenges associated with playing ground attack aircraft—and staying alive whilst doing so. That said, flying directly towards the closest blinking red target/base and dying should in be negligible behavior and players doing so should not be rewarded with wins because of poor game design.

It is impossible to intercept a Wyvern, Do-335 and the like on almost every map before they create the aforementioned unrecoverable ticket bleed—so please explain how one might ‘protect said ground units’.

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Maybe they should fix that first?

Thats…that’s sorta the point of this thread.

I’ve already put forth a suggestion to remedy this and more by removing the airspawns for everything except level bombers. Dunni if people or Gaijin agree, but it’s there.

Honestly if they remove air spawn it will.solve the xp50 overpower too.

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