Wiesel is overtiered

Now that the french also got an 20 mm AA at 5.3, why is the Wiesel still 7.3?
Gajjin hello?

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Thermals, tiny profile, power-to-weight. Its fine at 7.3.

The AMX-10P has none of that.

to be fair, german SPAA are NIL between 3.7 and 5.3, we need something else to fill the gap, and if you truly feel a weisel is overteired… look at the ozelot. it should be 9.3 but is 9.7 (same as the gepard 1a2 which has mostly everything that ozelot has AND guns)

german AA is a joke in general, ozelot is great even at 10.3, gepard 1a2 is meh because it has only 4 stingers and guns are only for really close encounters
Flarakpz and flarakrad are trash and almost everything before ozelot is meh too
The only enjoyable AA in german tree are ozelot and ostwind 2

The Wirbelwind will easily carry you through until the Ostwind II. It has no issue dealing with CAS with it’s volume of firepower.

I wonder though how the Marder 1A1 only has HVAP at 7.7 when the AMX-10P gets DM63 at 5.3.
The 4 horrible MILAN with low speed, bad controllability and laughable explosive mass can’t be the reason for a 2.3 difference and much worse ammo right?

How does the 1A3 not have MILAN 2 already either?

Gepard > Ozelot

German SPAA is some of the best if you can aim. Especially the Coelian and Kugelblitz are outstanding.
The FlaRakPz is only average but does its job while the FlaRakRad is indeed pretty bad because the other VT-1 platforms all have their missiles ready without reload and are much smaller.
Oh and it has the all around worst radar.

sadly we are still quite far down the potential new spaa list (not mentioning us not having any real replacement in the first place currently) Israel and Italy still are missing a real top tier missle Spaa. Britain and USA are missing a dedicated spaa as well they gotta deal with the increased spawn points which is not optimal either

Why not ?
They will allow you to engage anything you see, from any angle you want. On the other hand, AMX-10P needs to pick his targets wisely and literally run if something heavier shows up. Also, LRF helps at shooting down lighter vehicles down the range.

Speaking of controllability, it’s missile seems to be most stable, both in early and mid-late flight. For example, BMP-1’s missile will drop down after launching, Bradley’s missile will both drop down and go right after launch, so in my opinion Marders got it pretty easy in that regard.

Gaijin doesn’t seem to care at all, they’ll just keep adding more planes while disregarding the situation with top tier SPAAs. Hell, even now we have 11.7 SPAAs going against 12.3 jets, and I think that’s not gonna change for the good any time soon, it will get worse, much worse actually.

yeah best next spaas that the west has are patriot and equivalents that need an ai radar and need to set up, which gameplay wise is kinda boring

Boredom isn’t a factor, we have that already.
Most of SPAAs are quite boring to many players, which is pretty obvious considering we don’t have a single premium SPAA in the game, and I would say Gaijin knows very well in how miserable state that vehicle type is, but simply don’t care that much to change it.

I doubt someone would ever buy, for example, premium 10.0 LAV-AD just to get outranged by a 9.3 heli, while getting totally shat on by helis of it’s BR.

Ozelot >= Gepard because Ozelot has much more stingers which perform better than rolands.
I would pick gepard if there is a lot of a10/su25 but otherwise those extra stingers are very useful
Flarakpz is terrible, it doesnt do its job at all. Its only capable of killing drones, helicopters and jets that are flying straight at below mach otherwise it will miss. Its radar is so shit it sometimes starts tracking its own missile and when it does lock the plane it jitters so much missile loses all its momentum