Wierd lag spikes when flying low

I like to fly low and surprise the enemy with bombs, but lately ive started to get some insane lag spikes which allways ends up with me smashing the ground, and its allways just as i’m about to drop the bomb(s)

Anyone knows this problem or what to do?

I run the game in 120 fps, so that’s not the problem.

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By lag spikes you mean fps drops or ping/packet loss increase? I doubt flying low somehow affect your connection…

the game freezes completely, call it lag, fps drop or whatever, but i can do nothing for 1-2 secs, which is enough for loosing all control.

Been getting them too, use to happen all the time years ago and now its back. FPS will drop from 120 down to 6 or 7 fps on ground rb when flying near the ground

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and it continues.

this needs a fix

Depends on whether it’s a bug or a graphics setting.

I’m not seeing anything on this nVidia.