Why Z9WA still missing IRST

The report has been acknowledged for 7 months , but this bug is still not fixed. Can anyone tell me why it needs so much time and when it will be fixed?


That’s how they treat Chinese tech tree. :(
Z9WA’s IRST, Z10’s and Z19’s RWR, ZBD04A and PL12… it is so hard for them to make Chinese vehicles or weapon correct in this game.
And someone told me not to cry. bruh


It’s hilarious because the Z10/Z19 is using the COMPLETELY outdated pre-RWR rework patch RWR where it doesn’t even have IFF or target identification despite it being a helicopter from the 2000s

Obviously all their attention is on the big 3 major nations and minor nations matter little if something slips through. Imagine how fast they would fix this if it happened to USSR or USA


It wouldnt be fixed nearly as quick as you would think. We are still waiting for them to fix the targeting pod on the f-16 and its been around 6 months or more.

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Shame on them for weakening the F16’s targeting pod for no reason,its be reported long time and they just put *acknowledge and dont cure


seens someone was been hurted🤣

Sorry for the bump, but I just noticed that they did in fact give it IRST

This is what just happened


Actually I checked again and it’s apparently just TV, not IRST auto tracker
Still better than nothing I suppose, though they also gave it rocket EEGS which is… weird?