Why would you even bother playing a TT vehicle anymore when you have a premium?

Genuinely, what is the point anymore?

You’re not getting rewarded for it, deal with a bunch of stupid stock issues, can’t repair, no rangefinder or thermals at higher BRs, stock HEATFS which is still a thing for some reason, tier 1 shells that can genuinely be not competitive, sluggish vehicle, SL drained with modules, less RP, less SL and it goes on.

In air it can be even worse without missiles to do anything at all.

Beyond a desire to play a certain vehicle, it seems there are not many reasons to do so, and with the amount of copy paste TT vehicles turned into a premium, even that isn’t not a solid argument.

Like yeah… you could spawn a TT vehicle, but half your team is gone, CAS is being abusive as usual, people are camping your spawn… why not leave and just spawn in a new game in your premium? Oh you’re going to crew lock the rest of my lineup, do I wait for 5 minutes or just que up with my one premium?

And then your crew XP, which is amongst the most obscene grinds in the game also gets split, and you’re only get 1/3rd if you’re not playing arcade to begin with because the system has been neglected for 10 years.

People can complain about ODL, but once you get to higher BRs, the mountain of RP you’re facing, it gets harder and harder to justify doing anything other than just what gets the most RP as the more you try, the less you are rewarded.

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I play tech tree vehicles because they are also fun/good. If your only goal is to grind to top tier, then only playing premium makes more sense. Although you get more rp for staying longer so having multiple spawns helps a lot.


I use my premiums in my lineups until I reach that battle rating and then I incorporate my tech tree vehicles and keep the premiums as a backup to fill out the lineup. Premium aircraft are a bit different for me though, once I use them to grind out the tree until they are no longer useful I will play them for fun and to take a break in the grind or for challenges. I sometimes enjoy playing my 11.3 US premium/sqaudron lineup since I haven’t hit top tier yet, but not often because I have shifted my focus to spading all of my lower tiered vehicles. Like my 6.7 US lineup now has the Sheridan 76mm instead of the M41 because I’ve spaded the light tanks that I could use with it. Same with 7.7 and the T-114 and the T-54E1 once I spade my T-32E1.

The tech tree is the meat of this game, and playing premiums nonstop gets dull because you aren’t really working for anything other than RP for the next vehicles you don’t want to play. My current strategy for everything but the US and Germany is to buy two premiums that form a lineup, like 7.7 Russia, 7.7 Britain, or 8.0 Sweden, and then grind up to complete those lineups at the battle ratings while also building lineups at good battle ratings and playing them as I go.

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Staying longer gets more RP, but is 1x 10m better than 2x 5minutes? And especially 2x 5 with premium or 10 min with one prem and one TT.

The tech tree is the meat of this game, and playing premiums nonstop gets dull because you aren’t really working for anything other than RP for the next vehicles.

Doing nothing but playing premium gets annoying, but when you are just trying to get RP, it seems illogical to spend time playing TT vehicles, and if you’re playing like 9.3 Japan and most of your options are trash and even your premium is 'meh, it seems like a waste of time to bother in anything but the premium.

Yea, some spots in each tech tree are better than others. I personally enjoy spading vehicles, and am on a quest to spade the entire US tree. Using premiums that you don’t enjoy really will get old, but playing the tech tree vehicles is a challenge and requires that extra thought because they aren’t instantly good. Stock APCR or HEATFS makes you think more and requires that extra effort to make sure shots are placed well, and that makes them more interesting for me. Same with planes, I’ve spaded all of rank 6+ except for the F-104A, A7s, and F8U-2. I have the F-4S and F-20 that I love to play, but the tech tree vehicles have that challenge to improve my skills with that plane and also improve the planes ability too. Same with ground and naval. The naval premiums are the ones I will use before tech tree vehicles because of the rewards. I usually play naval for SL, but I’ve hit my goal for SL and now I’m using my tech tree vehicles to spade them.

Honestly, I haven’t really had a premium for Germany until recently, I got the Turm 3 to go with the OP Gepard at 8.3. It has been one of the more fun trees because I don’t think about vehicle research because of my focus on modification research while I’ve been grinding. Premiums do have positive and negative effects on your gameplay, and relying on them completely will drive people away due to the monotonous gameplay they create.

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It can be boiled down to one thing:
You use the premium vehicle to skip/get to the stuff you want faster

Using premiums that you don’t enjoy really will get old, but playing the tech tree vehicles is a challenge.

I mean they’re the same as the TT vehicles in a lot of cases, if you’re not having fun you might as well be progressing faster.

Stock APCR or HEATFS makes you think more and requires that extra effort to make sure shots are placed well, and that makes them more interesting for me.

I don’t know if I’d call that interesting, it’s just a chore of grinding your face into a wall until you unlock something competitive, stock HEATFS in many cases is just useless, and stock APCR/APDS made me stop playing the game for a long time once I got to the 7.7 area.

I understand what you are saying, but the challenge of improving the vehicle through modification research makes it much more interesting and less monotonous. Getting the better ammo or LRF gives a fresh goal to keep me going, a short term goal that changes often.

I think it is interesting because you must adjust playstyles in order to make it work. I don’t personally care about “competitive” ammo. I care about using my vehicle and having fun. If I have to deal with some less than ideal ammo, I just adjust my playstyle to make it work. An example is the Marders in the German tree. I haven’t used many light vehicles that depend on autocannons and while I have been grinding the Marders, I have had to learn more effective flanking and that has helped me leverage position to more effectively deal with those less than ideal ammunitions. Valuable insight that I wouldn’t have gotten if I would have just played premiums.

I also hated the 9.3 premium grind, and both of my 9.0 type 74s are stock even to this day. However, i still value having tt vehicles into my lineup. Theres the trashy type 93 with terrible missiles, but its nice being able to kill unaware planes pretty effectively. The type 89 is the type 89, but a autocannon is still nice to have access to. I assume you have both 9.3 premiums, and the type 74g is quite nice when compared to the closest competitor, the leopard1a5. Its pretty much better or equal in all aspects.

I also have the 1.3 ro go premium in my 9.3 lineup to consume sp when i want to move on from a match 💀

Since you seem to be in the position i was about a year ago, unless if theres a sale right around the corner, just buy and implement the type 90 and type 10 right into your lineup. It sucks when its the only vehicle thats breaking through the brs and stock, but it was well worth it.

My top tier lineups

Btw my top tier lineup is [plane] [type 10] [tkx] [type 16] [type 89] [type 90] [type 90] [spaa] [heli]
Super expensive, yes, but its very high value to me, as it offers me tons of viable options.

Reasoning is that i was mimicking what the jgsdf did, replacing the type 74 with the type 10.
My 11.0 lineup is the following
[plane] [type 74(g)] [tkx(p)(stock!!!)] [type 16] [type 89] [type 90] [type 90] [spaa] [heli]

This offers me at all times from 11.0 to 11.7 4 different mbt spawns without having to tap into backups.
It also offers a easy direct upgrade path
Assuming you have the base 5 slots, i was also considering at first a two mbt lineup.
This would be [plane] [mbt] [mbt] [support vehicle] [spaa] + optional heli(6 slot)

Similarly for japan, I also charted out my potential lineups for russia, america, and sweden. It decreases the stress of incompatible crew slots when all the potential lineups for each br is plotted out.

Why wouldn’t I play tree vehicles? The whole point of playing War Thunder is that (outside of air rb lol) you can have a lineup of your favorite vehicles and potentially play them all in the same battle.
Same with playing a new nation, what is the point if I’m only going to play one or two premium vehicles (many of which can be found in multiple trees) and not get the actually unique and different content the tree provides? (also the reason I generally dislike subtrees but I digress)

At this point you’re really trying to justify playing War Thunder and not something else, like DCS, or IL2 or ArmA. If you’re paying 60+ dollars to play a single plane why not play something with more fidelity?

you can have a lineup of your favorite vehicles

Not all the vehicles in a tree are my favorite vehicle.

Okay? That doesn’t really change anything. A lot of vehicles aren’t my favorite too but I still play most of them because I either already liked them or ended up liking them after I played them.

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Doesn’t change the fact it’s a waste of time if you want to progress and get to other vehicles due to how inefficient it is.

I would probably agree if I was playing F2P.

If you’re playing F2P I wouldn’t even consider going past WW2.

Talismans are far better value than full Premiums.

That kinda depends on your situation I’d say, in some cases but not all.

I suppose it doesn’t really address your point either. Really there’s not much point in playing the TT equivalent if you have the premium version or full ODL grindset. Lineups are still better for casual play imo but you’re still better off spawning a premium like the Fuji Type 90 first over TT Type 90s for rewards and lower rep cost.

As I’m just trying to progress, I spawn the Fuji, but when I die, I use a backup instead of spawning in the TT version as there seems to be zero point to it, and after that I’m probably more likely to spawn the Type 74 premium rather than the Type 90, or even an SPAA or heli.

And sometimes your team is getting rolled so you leave, and the game crewlocks your lineup and am I going to sit there for 5 minutes or just play a game with only one vehicle, which is what the game promotes.