Why wont gaijin fix the starstreak?

Its literally been years since the starstreak has been even remotely useable, its hit reg is terrible, it cant pull under 2km, it takes multiple hits to down aircraft, and the irst/radar tracking will lose its lock or switch lock seemingly for no reason. These are all well known well documented issues and yet gaijin doesn’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem. furthermore even when the missiles were at their best they still didnt function in a realistic way. take for instance the submunitions spinning, which is completely false. they dont spin around a center point, the submunitions self correct in order to stay on target. granted this causes them to oscillate around a center point but they dont spin.

do you want a honest anwer or just something to shut up ?

Honest answer would be
They don’t give a fuck and its at the bottom of the non existing “fixing list” + bonus points for being not a russian vehicle/ammunition.

and the answer so you shut up ( no hate or smt)
gajoobles is working on it.


I shot down too many premium helicopters and CAS with it.

it’s not a russian missile. it will never perform remotely close to how it actually performs. play teh cope tree if you want functioning missiles.

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