Why wasn't leopard 2a7 added?

Why wasn’t the 2a7 added? To my knowledge (if i’m wrong please inform me) it is just a 122 with a aps system, which a aps is not that big of a upgrade and we already have the 122. It would be fine for germany to have a better german tank than sweden. instead we get a sidegrade 2a5.

It’s just a 2A6 with a new FCS that may or may not have improved gunner thermals.
As for 2A7+, that hasn’t been added cause imagine Strv 122 with more side armor and 80mm more pen. It’d be 12.0 in the current BR system.

ok thank you

I agree.
Anything that’s better than 122 have no business sitting at only 11.7.

Because we desperately needed the PSO designed for uRbaN wArfAre.

We also needed a Marine Tornado with anti ship missiles, while there are almost no maps with npc ships on it and Naval RB currently capped at 7.3 BR.

What we clearly don’t need is a tank with something old fashioned like armor…let this useless feature just to the Swedes and Rus :)

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