Why was the profil art of vehicles changed to 3D models instead of the old black and white and cloured new for vehicles.?

I really don’t see this as a positiv thing for War thunder since in all the time i have always enjoyed the unique immersive black and white or cloured stat cards. Since i came here for the world war 2 vehicles, and really liked how the stat cards look with the immersive black and white of the vehicles. I also feel like it made war thunder unique and immersive with this feature compared to world of tanks, but now with the new ones it just feel all wrong and boring.

I mean i could also talk about how the old music was removed and replaced with some new “jimbo” modern stuff leaving older players without the opinion to switch to back to the old music, it was more forced upon us without the opinion to switch back or in-between. And i really don’t want old stat cards to just disappear without a fight!


These a just a few examples to show how lively the old ones feel compared to the new ones

Skærmbillede (120)
Skærmbillede (119)

I would like to hear what other people think about this as well ?


What’s done is done. There’s much more important things to worry about.

For me personally i believe this to be an important bit of the update as well therefore i see no need to not worry about.

Because gaijin wanted to automate the creation of them and not have to spend time manually creating them.
There’s not gonna be a toggle because that’d go against the reason they pushed this out.
So enjoy the awful looking, poorly lit mobile game looking profile images because that’s what we got now.

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