Why was Dupleix removed from the store?

Hello, I am wondering why Gaijin removed the only premium ship worth having from the French Navy, just 6 months after its release. The French Navy already had the smallest amount of ships and now it seems that players will have to do without these premium ships.

Initially, I didn’t buy it because I was disappointed with the fact that I had already purchased the Aigle and the Duguay-Trouin without being offered the pack deal that appeared later.
Then, when Dupleix was released, there was no discount for players who had already purchased the other premium ships, so I decided to wait for a discount before getting it.
Unfortunately, this never happened and I’m very disappointed because I’ve purchased all the French premium ships available in the game (except for the battleship that came out later).

As a CBT player, I had already spaded almost all the French ships, so it wasn’t a hurry to buy those premiums, and I didn’t expect them to remove any that soon.

As a console player, I can’t access the market, so I can’t get my hands on it now, and I’m very frustrated. Unlike several US/RU/GE premiums that have been on sale for years now, with discounts each time, we French naval players don’t have any.


It did not sell well enough, that is probably the reason.

So, would offering a discount be more effective than removing the item? I believe it’s better to sell some products rather than none because of removal.

i agree, but thats gaijin for you.

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"I can’t wait a few months to buy the way too expensive DLC, thanks to Gaijin. They try to pressure us into buying it with their “buy it now or never” tactics. If only I had known they would remove it, I would have bought it at full price (their marketing tactics worked so well!). But, they sneakily removed it during the Christmas holidays. That’s really deceptive.

Anyway, there is still hope because the AMX-30 Super was reintroduced (it was removed at the same time)."

It might be added as golden eagle vehicle, it will be cheaper than the pack this way.

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Probably just a console market issue like with other things (like the lunar new year bundle apparently). Dupleix was sold 50% off during the last sale and was removed after, which was announced in the news.

They wanted more people to buy the Courbet which is more expensive.

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some people buy em lmao

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It didn’t sell (because they didn’t launch the French navy with a complete tree and anything top tier to grind out :) )

Dupleix is also overclassed as 5.7, should have been 5.3

I never played her nor did I ever get to fight against her but if she is indeed overtiered then that would certainly have made it worse.

I missed it because of the celebrations…

Nice collection :)

Why waste money on a dead TT france will be perma stuck with low pen 15" guns for the foreseeable future the french 15" APC will only have 17-19" pen at 10km against main belt when american 16" from the mk7 will be doing 27" pen against main belt at 10km

Just how it works. But those removed from the store get added back. Dont know when but it will be brought back.

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Because I’m french, chauvin and collect all french stuff ingame?

I’m afraid they will raise her price. It’s tiring to constantly follow the news for this kind of information. In Enlisted, there is an in-game timer that shows items that will soon be removed…

I do not recall them every increasing the price of vehicles. They do tend to annouce removals though. That annoucement is usually more of a fine print thing to be fair.

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They increased the price of moffett and knox a year ago

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