Why Warthunder eventually die

People are told to always go for the weakest planes, tanks, ships, …
those are often the new players to this game. almost always, you get out of the fun league where you just reseached your first ship, plane on tank, and you get thrown into the normal rotation…
This is where War Thunder fails. this is exactly where the more matured players hunt exactly those players. I completely understand why, since they bothe want credit and crew XP, and thats all great, but here is where the entire system fails. It immediatly turns players away from the game. I mean, what great fun, having this stronger tank and getting my nogging blown off 25 seconds into leaving the spawn point!

I have an idea how this all should be reworked and i will not explain it here because of the obvious newbie hunter getting upset. But THIS is exactly why your game is in rapid declining numbers.

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How do you know it is declining in numbers rapidly?


The numbers are actually at an all time high, the game usually hovered around 80-100K for a long time. Lately it’s been 130-140K, reaching 200K sometimes


That was my understanding of it.

He made it up, like all of “game is dying” authors since 2012 :)

2 weeks ago:

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-20 192221

PS. But yes, when there will be some global apocalypse and internet dies, WT will die with it.
But we do not have any plans to make WT die earlier ;)


Yeah it’s been a long slow death for sure :)

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stona i saw a post about dev blogs and update coming later than last year. comments?

an official war thunder account said it on russian facebook i think

also dead game funny haahaa

I’m completely done with one nation.
I want to start learning a new one. What should I do? Can’t I play at lower ranks?

Hmmm, let’s see AH YES “Rapid decline”. If you factor in the few on Mobile WT, WT who play console and the number is a lot larger.

he has a point

rework is needed

This is entirely ridiculous. War Thunder’s player numbers are not declining. In fact, they are at an all time high. War Thunder is consistently in the top 25 played games on Steam, and Gaijin has said that Steam is less than 15% of the game’s playerbase. War Thunder is doing incredibly well. Better than it ever has before.

Yes, War Thunder will eventually die. Every game eventually dies, especially for ones like WT which are multiplayer and based of real world vehicles, meaning there is only so much content that exists to be added. There will come a day when War Thunder’s servers shut down and do not come back online. But that day is no time soon and the game is most certainly not dying.

Later probably just means a few weeks. The roadmap still has the first 2 major updates of 2024 listed as being before the summer so this is likely just a few weeks at most.

Edit: also this


we know the start of dev blog season varies a lot every year but this is the first time we havent gotten the first dev blog atleast at the 20th for this update so figures a lot of people are antsy

I don’t understand why people are so antsy about devblogs for a videogame. It’s a videogame. And the first 2 majors are still listed as being before the summer of 2024 on the roadmap. The devblogs will come, people need to chill.

some people are way too into this game and love this game a lot (im one of those) but i atleast try to stay calm about it etc lol

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Expectations, sometimes it’s also Psychological, and sociological a lot of factors similar to why Parasocial exists.