Why Tunisia and Finland were removed

Question answers itself, really.

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One problem with this is if you do have either of these maps liked/banned/disliked, you’re now wasting that vote. Because they’re not actually there anymore.

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Still waiting for 2 of my favourite maps come back.

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This is so weird.
@Stona_WT @Smin1080p please, would it be possible to confirm whether this was an intentional removal or a map rotation bug? Thanks

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is out of the ban map list, so yes those maps are off. 2 good maps and probably they gona do a shit rework to them

Maps are removed from rotation without formal warning for some time now…usually it is some maintenance being done…and they eventually come back…
At any given point there are always maps not being presented…


Looks like they are back, got both maps last night. I haven’t seen any new features though.

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As I said before I checked all other naval and ground maps and when I posted that other than these two all were still in recent rotation, every last one.

There’s currently only 15 maps for 2.0 ground and below (rising to 23 for 3.3 and below). Dropping two out of a sample that size without notice will be noticed… especially after it was announced in the last major update that Sands of Tunisia was coming back for high tier and then it didn’t actually come back.

Nice to see them back this week.

  • [Battle #2] Tunisia — available for vehicles with a Battle Rating of 9.7 and higher.
  • [Domination #2] Tunisia — available for vehicles with a Battle Rating of 9.7 and higher.

Looks like Finland is removed AGAIN. WTF is happening with maps in this game???
Completely unnecesary changes and rejected for most of the players.
Non stop addition of trash flat urban areas.
And now removig a lot of maps creating a stupid spam of the same maps over and over again due the lack of variety.
Bring back Finland, 3 cap version of por Novorossyks and the other versions of Mozdok is just vomitive play in the same city maps all the fkc day!!!

Call of Thunder )))


The ridgelines on Tunisia over A were one of the few maps where you could have a long range battle with the other team. I will be really pissed if they don’t add it back.

In before they bring it back and it’s completely flat.

I see Tunisia quite often but yeah, your right, i have not seen Finland in quite a while.

BR ranges affect map frequency though so it could be that.

Nope, Finland was completely removed for second time.

Tunisia is still there, Finland is gone again.

Finland is banned here, piece off shit map

Maps went poof for nearly 5 months kinda seems odd.

Finland is a silly map. I remember camping on the ridgelines with a dicker max in the middle, and shooting people through the snow so that they couldn’t even see who shot them. Very silly.

I agree with Finland being removed, it’s a terrible map

The map is not removed from the game, still in the map section but for some “unknow reson” is not available, more than probably because Gaijin for SECOND TIME touch something for error.

And if you dislike the map go and ban it.