Why Tunisia and Finland were removed

Both maps are missing from the rotation since 3 weeks ago. Theres not a single mention or announcement about his elimination. So, is intentional for some modifications or just another “oh crap” ???

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They’re probably changing a few things about the map.

Proof he’s right:

Zero recent replays of Finland: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Zero recent replays of Tunisia: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I checked all other ground and naval maps by keyword search and everything else returned results from games today.

I’d guess it has something to do with the adding of “Sands of Tunisia” back into the rotation for 9.7+ BRs in the Kings of Battle update. Obviously it didn’t work, instead of adding the large map they’ve deleted the small one, and taken Finland out along with it, apparently.


They are also making sure to add no-go zones painted in red.
For Finland I’m betting everything outside those two lanes on B cap will get “redded out”.


People are demanding that all camping spots be removed, all trees, all bushes. We must all come out and fight like real men. Even the women.


Who remembers the “battlezone” arcade game? Yeah, coming soon the WT.


It’s getting that way…

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That’s not what this is. When they remove maps for retooling, they announce it. In this case they actually announced they were adding new versions, but both the old and the new versions are gone from rotation. The matchmaking has a new bug that they hadn’t noticed yet, it seems.


Makes sense what you say. You’ve been around the block.

I liked those two maps. Got my foot in the door on those two maps. I hope they don’t murder them. Not sure what the bug is.

Is it just me or am I imagining the Gaijin offices are like downtown Detroit right now?

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Re-upping. @Stona_WT or another mod, could we get a nod on whether this is an unreported problem, a known bug, or possibly an intentional but unannounced removal of those two maps?

I dont know when it happend but i baned tunisia to escape ju88 spam a few days ago

We are talking about Ground battles in RB mode.

I’m not sure what you mean they are removed? Both of them are still in the queue

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Any Idea why some players are not getting them? Not seen Tunisa for a must be nearly a month now. One of the better maps.

See the links in my post above. There have been no replays with those as the map saved on the server replay site in weeks. So they’re not actually “in the queue”.

I guess that answers my question though, since you had no idea two maps have completely disappeared from the match maker before a player mentioned it.


Not just some players. All players are not getting them. Zero games. Zero replays. Again, see my links above.


The last time someone saw these maps was 3 weaks ago before the implementation of night battles option and the map rotation disaster.
Gaijin and people related to Gaijin actually play the game???

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Question answers itself, really.

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One problem with this is if you do have either of these maps liked/banned/disliked, you’re now wasting that vote. Because they’re not actually there anymore.

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Still waiting for 2 of my favourite maps come back.

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